The “5 Mastermind Skills” (Full Swing)

2 Comments on “The “5 Mastermind Skills” (Full Swing)”

  1. Hi Jason

    I would like to pass on my thanks and gratitude for all the information and content that you and your colleagues are willing to share.As a busy golf professional I particularly like your podcasts as I can listen between appointments or going back and forth from work.This week I am introducing op 36 to Ireland and would like to travel over to see the Ryan and Matt at some point, it takes some organizing so I would like to try pick up one of your seminars at the same time.With that in mind if you could stick me on your mailing list for any forthcoming events I would appreciate it.

    As a coincidence I was at a TrackMan day a couple of weeks ago and I mentioned how much I was enjoying your knowledge and a gentleman said to say hello Patrick Geraghty.

    Kind Regards

    Michael Allan


    • Michael,
      Thank you so much for your note and your kind words about my content and podcast. Patrick was a college teammate of mine and a great guy. Tell him I said hello. Just keep an eye out for the next workshop but may be awhile. I dont check my as much as I should so I apologize if this is late. Let me know if I can help in any way. Just DM me on IG or twitter. Best of luck in getting over to the states. We were the first Op 36 club in the country so I know how good it is. Enjoy


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