The Daily Guru Episode 2 – PGA Show and Social Media

imagesI hope you had a great day wherever you are and thank you for the comments, text messages and positive feedback from yesterdays post. It was very cold here as I woke up to 16 degrees outside and I don’t think it got our of the 30’s which is cold for North Carolina. Of course my 14-year-old son has played golf the last 2 days but he rarely misses a day and he is off school but that is for another blog. I had a junior golf meeting this morning and gave one lesson inside “the dojo” hitting into the net which isn’t bad training. On Sunday I leave for Orlando for the PGA Show, for those of you who don’t know, its our big trade show where anything in the world of golf can be found. For me as an instructor, I look forward to seeing what is new in the training aid, video software or 3D motion capture world but mostly my time is spent catching up with old friends, networking with new friends and attending seminars for continuing education. Always trying to find that one or two nuggets that I can take back and implement in my teaching or at my facility. I am looking forward to several of the proponent group sessions and the Foot-Joy/Boditrak seminars but typically I learn more in the hall way/dinner discussions that are so valuable when I have the chance to spend time with other top instructors.

Twitter and New Social Media Platforms

Over the years I have tried most of the social media platforms and always tend to go back to twitter, Facebook, you tube and my blog for communication and learning. Since my goals have changed and I am in a different place in my career, I have backed off on twitter a little unless I really have something to share of say. It is still the fastest and best way to CC45xbtUsAAUduK.0communicate, build relationships and stay up with the world (depending on who you follow of course). Lately I have been spending more time on instagram and snap-chat which have been interesting. I don’t think these are just for kids as I think they can be great vehicles if used appropriately. I typically post swing or putting videos of some of my students to highlight their hard work on instagram and can link them to other sites if needed. Still messing with snapchat (golfguru1). Most people just post funny stuff in their lives and what is going on but I think it can be an effective marketing tool, even though the videos and pics disappear after a day. Live streaming has become popular with Mearkat leading the way and now Periscope is starting to be used by golf instructors to allow you to watch them work while being able to post comments and questions which I think can be valuable. The problem is in order to be most effective (in my opinion) there needs to be someone else holding the camera while you work or it is unrealistic and not as authentic. Still a pretty cool app that I will be using from time to time. I think it works best for a q and a session (face to face) or in a seminar setting. I have enjoyed how Jason Glass, fitness/TPI expert has used it as a daily show of sorts (Coach Glass TV) @jasonglasslab to share information with golfers and fitness trainers. Check him out if you get a chance. I did a show with a couple of my friends, @dennissalesgolf and Derek Radley earlier in the year talking about junior golf and college recruiting which I thought went well.

Lots of golf instruction questions floating around on twitter and Facebook such as “should the trail leg stay flexed or should it extend?” Are we really talking about this still? What is the proper footwork and how should be use the ground (grf’s). I have my thoughts but will save them for another time. Also, after watching the last couple of tour events, I think the golf commentators should seek out at least a general idea of the latest information in order to speak intelligently about some topics as they attempt to describe a golf swing…Brutal! Frank Nobilo at least tries to get the answers which I appreciate. Don’t even get me started about this Old School vs. New School debate….which will likely be my next workshop presentation (I hope you are signed up for Guru Workshop 5 on March 28th…if not click here  (shameless but necessary). Rant over!

Ok. Use the hashtag #askguru and Leave me some questions on twitter, instagram or snapchat or in the comment section and I will answer them on my next blog via text or video. Thanks so much for reading and don’t be afraid to use a share button at the bottom

Come and say hey in Orlando! See you soon



Guru’s Top Teacher Twitter List (2012) Will You Make The List This Year?

Just a reminder that I will be compiling my 2013 Top 50 Teacher Twitter List so if you didn’t make it last year, tell me why you should this year (in 140 characters or less)

Good Luck!

For those of you who follow me on twitter know that I have issues. My twitter addiction is just the beginning.  Ever since I gave my first golf lesson I tried to take my father’s advice. I can still hear him saying to me when I made the decision to be a golf professional,”I don’t care what you do but I think you owe it to yourself to try to be the best at it!” So that’s what I did. So I set my goals very high.  I have never been the smartest guy in the world but I have always had this “Obsessive Compulsive Disorder for Learning (OCDL).” So I learned very early in my career that if I didn’t know the answer to a question I had 2 choices 1) find a book about it or 2)go ask someone smarter than me that knows the answer. I’ve always approached life this way, it didn’t matter if I was learning to flyfish or running marathons,  there is information that is available if you just look for it. The bible says,”If you seek you will find.” When I started teaching golf it was a few years before the internet was invented (makes me feel old) so all there was were books and people. No or or Facebook or blogs. So we had to travel a lot to get the info and to watch other top teachers teach. As I don’t think anything can replace the “Live Lesson” observation and face to face interaction, you can now watch other teachers teach and here them describe their philosophy through video (YouTube) which is great or read about their ideas on their blogs or forums. As I started to grow as a coach and a golf professional I always knew that continuous growth was dependant on individuals and the relationships that you build with others in your field of expertise. As the economy started to decline in 2009, the phone wasn’t ringing as much and my book wasn’t as full as I was used to seeing. I think I was once booked out for 3 months at one time……I found myself getting lazy in following up with my students and needed a new way to connect to my players and make sure that they didn’t forget me. So I found social media. Not to make this a social media tutorial but I started using what I called the 4 corners of SM. Blogging, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter. What I found was that I not only connected with my students through videos, blog articles and content, but I saw that other teaching professionals started to reach out with their information and content which allowed us to share and also build a relationship. I learned that even though it was not face to face, you could still get a very good idea of what kind of person you were communicating with through twitter and Facebook if you paid attention. So in the past few years I have made some great friends through twitter and Facebook and we actually have met in person and they still call me a friend which is the best kind (know all about you and still call you friend, lol). I have been fortunate to do some golf schools and teach with some of them and they are always only a phone call or Skype discussion away. The first 7 on the list is what I call my Mastermind Crew and are all great friends (all met through twitter).

twitter 4  For those of you who feel that twitter is a waste of time, I suggest you reach out to these folks with high tweet counts on the list and ask them how they use it. I can guarantee that most of their tweets are them engaging in conversation, sharing information and trying to learn from other professionals. Hardly a waste of time.  All I can tell you is that twitter has changed my career in a positive way because I learned how to make it work. We all like recognition in our field and I always have aspired to be on the few top teacher lists that are out there but I have found that the most important thing and what I measure greatness in my field is twofold. 1) The passion to help other golfers improve and enjoy this great game 2)The passion to help and share with other teaching professionals so they can get better and help their students. I try to do both every day and I hope that it comes through that I don’t do it because of what I can get but because of what I can become through sharing what has been passed down to me.twitter 2

So here is my list of teachers and coaches that use twitter to help other golfers and coaches like myself get better. CriteriaYou had to have a minimum of 1000 tweets to qualify for the list.  I am sure I will leave someone out so don’t get mad just tweet more (next year it may be 2000 tweet minimum) and tweet me as to why you should be on the list for next year. I am sure the list will get bigger. All of these individuals have had a big effect on my career and are a must follow if you are not already doing so. I made easy  so you can click on their twitter handle and follow them immediately. Not in any particular order but all are great at what they do:

GURU’S 2012 TOP TEACHER TWITTER LIST                        #of tweets/followers

  • John Graham                @johngrahamgolf                                         46,002        / 4355
  • Sara Dickson                 @sara_pga                                                      22,144       /  2867
  • Jason Helman                                    4417          /   3463
  • Rob McGill                     @golfprorob                                                   7545          / 1194
  • Kirk Oguri                      @kirkoguri                                                      13,995       /  10321
  • Andrew Marr                 @andrewmarrgolf                                         10,336       /  1424
  • Dennis Sales                   @dennissalesgolf                                          6609         /   1499
  • Andrew Rice                   @andrewricegolf                                           2198         /    1523
  • Mike Fay                          @mikefaygolf                                                 6898        /    1752
  • James Ridyard                @jamesridyard                                              9462        /    1667
  • Vikki Vanderpool           @vvanderpool                                                1665        /     613
  • Mark Sweeney                 @aimpointgolf                                               3921       /      5073
  • Brad Redding                  @bradreddinggolf                                          3991      /      1323
  • Ed Bowe                            @bowegolf                                                      2954      /      4719
  • Mark Durland                  @durlandgolf                                                 1278      /       235
  • Andy Griffith                    @andygriffiths1                                              2604     /      873
  • Ryan Chaney                     @oraclerio                                                       1857     /        55
  • Rick Grayson                    @rickgraysongolf                                           4242     /       550
  • Ryan Crysler                      @ryancrysler                                                  13,479  /       1352
  • Josh Boggs                         @boggspga                                                      1770     /       987
  • Hugh Marr                          @hughmarr                                                    3395    /       2040
  • Erik Barzeski                     @iacas                                                               7061    /       745
  • James Hong                       @jameshonggolf                                             1158    /       221
  • Mitch Walz                         @walzygolf                                                      5723    /       769
  • Robert Campbell               @rcampbellgolf                                              1157     /       324
  • Petri Parviainen                 @piiter77                                                         5322   /       771
  • Ian Peek                               @ianpeekgolf                                                 5431    /       1369
  • Jamie Donalson                 @golfdonaldson                                             6214   /       2867
  • Keith Stewart                      @kjpga                                                             1067   /       234
  • Matt Diederichs                  @mattdgolf                                                     13,633  /    2666
  • Blake Graham                     @blakegrahampga                                         12058  /    1031
  • Denise Hastings                  @hastingsgolf                                                1541     /     474
  • Brett Packee                         @brettpackeegolf                                          2496   /      456
  • Joe Mayo                             @trackmanmaestro                                       3093   /      2865
  • Travis Lloyd                        @tlloydpga                                                       1010   /      359
  • George Connor                   @connorgolf                                                    1757    /      660
  • Denis Pugh                          @Dpugh54                                                       7561   /       12331
  • Derek Hooper                     @derekhoopergolf                                          1120   /       513
  • TJ Yeaton                             @tjyeatongolf                                                  1690  /       547
  • Chris Gibson                        @chrisgibsongolf                                            2551   /      308
  • Jesse Struebing                   @jstruebs                                                         4636    /     1456
  • Kate Tempesta                     @KTUrbangolf                                                2250   /     960
  • Aaron Olson                         @aaronaosongolf                                           1023    /     902
  • Andy Gordon                       @andygordongolf                                           3852   /      1221
  • Martin Park                          @parkythepro                                                 10,289 /     945
  • Kevin Flynn                          @kflypga                                                           4851    /     717
  • James Martin                       @James_W_martin                                      1735     /     301
  • Meindert Jan Boekel          @BKLGolf                                                        5147     /     535
  • Donal Scott                           @donalscott                                                     2825   /      735
  • Michael Balderstone           @balderstonegolf                                           1983    /      319


Up and Coming Twitter Pro Stars

  • Megan Padua                        @megangolfpro
  • Tom Stickney                        @tomstickneygolf
  • Chris Foley                             @chrisfoleygolf
  • Justin Blazer                          @blazer_justin
  • Scott Chisholm                      @schizgolf
  • Adam Ohsberg                     @golfsenseipga
  • Bill DeVore                           @BillDeVoregolf
  • Corey Lundberg                   @curiouscoaches
  • Andrew Kiger                       @drewkigergolf
  • Brandon Roby                      @brobygolf
  • Nancy Harvey                       @thegolfnancy
  • Molly Tullar                           @mollytullarlpga

Must Follows (avid golfers with great content)

  • Ricky Lee Potts                         @rickyleepotts
  • Nick Chertock                           @golfprogess
  • Tim Ryan                                    @seamuspicmcgee

Thank you to all that made the list and congratulations. Please share this list on twitter and with the other buttons at the bottom and lets see if we can get these outstanding professionals and people some new followers. Leave your comments below of your thoughts about this post and don’t forget to attend #tweetup3.0. Contact Sara Dickson or Ricky Lee Potts for more details. I hope to see you all at the PGA Show in January.

Guru                                 @golfgurutv

7 Nights At The Twitter Academy: Gaining Momentum (videos included)

The bible says,”Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labor. 10For if they fall, the one will lift up his fellow: but woe to him that is alone when he falls; for he has not another to help him up.”  Not to get preachy with you but the point is that we can accomplish more in a group than as individuals. Our goal for this project was simple,”To Help Grow the Game Of Golf,” As the goal stated is very straight forward, the avenues that lead us down this journey can take on many forms. So here is my lists that make up the objective and then I will review the project for those coming late to the gathering.

1. to share quality golf information with the average golfer through a single social media vehicle (

2. to highlight some outstanding PGA and CPGA professionals that you may not have heard of before

3. to share knowledge and open up discussion/debate with other coaches in the industry

4. to stretch ourselves to become better through the sharing and learning process (iron sharpens iron)

5. And finally to show other golf professionals the value and effectiveness of social media through tracking views and comments that could lead to future relationships and business with: students, members and other coaches)

So lets backtrack for those that are hearing the details of the “Seven Nights at the Twitter Academy” for the first time.

My good friend, CPGA teaching professional, Jason Helman (jasonhelmangolf) came up with this idea to mirror the Golf Channels week of instruction shows by having 7 golf professionals shoot 7 videos on different parts of the game, unveil them every night @8 p.m. on twitter. The catch was that you have to be following one of the group in order to view the videos as we all kept the link unlisted so we could control who viewed.

The group that was assembled is a very tight-knit group that converse regularly on twitter and other social networking sites. I affectionately dubbed the group; “The Mastermind Crew” after Napoleon Hill’s (Think and Grow Rich) idea which states in chapter 10.”The “Mastermind” may be defined as: “Coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definitive purpose.” #mastermindcrew……..So here they are for you to follow: Jason Helman (@jasonhelmangolf) Sara Dickson (@sara_PGA) Rob McGill (@golfprorob)Kirk Oguri (@kirkoguri)Andrew Marr (@andrewmarrgolf) Dennis Sales (@dennissalesgolf) A very important member of our mastermind crew is John Graham, aka. the king of twitter (@johngrahamgolf) . John was originally going to participate in our project but was out-of-town so couldn’t do it. I am very fortunate to call John a good friend but all of us in the crew have been affected by his knowledge, sharing of that knowledge and friendship over the years so I didn’t want to leave JG out for sure.  I would expect to see him in future videos for the project.

I am very fortunate to be a part of this outstanding group of professionals as I have learned so much from every one of them and learned some new things this week watching their videos. All of us met via twitter which show you how powerful this tool can be if you are searching for information, new relationships and interested in gaining more knowledge about your profession.

As for the question of have we reached our goals for this project? I would say this is only the beginning as the behind the scenes information and ideas that have been traded has unlimited potential. We will see where it takes us all but I can tell you that I am so thankful for Jason Helman for coming up with the idea, allowing me to be a part of it and guiding us through it. I appreciate the kind comments and questions for our #mastermind crew as we posted our videos. They were all wonderful and I think we represented ourselves well. The sky is the limit and I hope that you will come with us as we try to improve your game as we are passionate about sharing, coaching and this great game of GOLF.

Update: As of now we have collectively over 1700 views for our shows, not bad for 1 week!

So here they are! The 7 nights Crew in order of days they were presented

Oh yeah, Follow me on Twitter (@golfgurutv)…..almost forgot!



An Interview With (An Inside Look At The Guru)

Thank you Ricky for the opportunity to talk to you and share a little about myself. You are a great friend and I have learned so much from you. I hope everyone enjoyed the interview.

See you on the lesson tee at Carmel,


#Mentor: A Twitter Question : Advice For New Coaches



1.a wise and trusted counselor or teacher. influential senior sponsor or supporter
I spoke to the large group of insurance business people the other day on the  topic of  personal development. My speech closed with a quote from one of my favorite people, Mr. Zig Ziglar.It states “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want. Today, I was talking to a hungry, young driven golf professional that was seeking my advice on how to become a great teacher. First off I was flattered, second of all I was mindful to give him advice that I wish I would have gotten when I was new in the business. Gathering and sharing information and experience is something that i have enjoyed doing when I felt like I had something to offer someone who could improve their knowledge or outlook on the coaching business.  So before I tell you what I told the young man, I posed this question on twitter. The pool of outstanding coaches that I have on my twitter feed is something that I can’t put a price on and will never take for granted. Tonight I was the student and they were the mentors and just set back let the magic of social media run its course. My friends did not disappoint as they never do. The question was,” In 140 characters or less, what advise would you give a young coach?”  So here is a culmination of the answers that they came up with. So new coaches, take note and pay attention: I will use their twitter handles so you can follow.
JohnGrahamGolfJohn Graham
@golfgurutv I would tell them to get on twitter. Follow everyone you know and start a new topic conversation everyday by @ing #mentor
AMGolfMindCoachAndy Morrison
@golfgurutv ‘Be ready to meet the PERSON in front of you at their model of the world and shape your knowledge so it fits for them’ #mentor 
ParkytheProMartin Park
@Sara_PGA @golfgurutv “Those of us who dare to teach must never cease to learn”…there you go – less than 140! #JustforSara 
IanPeekGolfIan Peek
@golfgurutv understand impact,gather info from as many varied coaches as possible,test what youve heard,always ask customer what he wants

Sara_PGASara Dickson, PGA
@JohnGrahamGolf @golfgurutv #truth Twitter & it’s links to other resources has been the most help by far
benclaytongolf1ben clayton

@golfgurutv: Coaches. If you had to give a new, young teacher on piece of advice, what would it be. Learn not from a book #mentor
DonalScottDonal Scott
@golfgurutv #mentor I’m still young;) so I can only speak from my experience so far. Lust for new info & be genuinely interested in people!!
alasdairwattalasdair watt

@golfgurutv Read everything,watch everything,Watch @ range @PGA events. Visit the best instructors. Then formulate what is best. #mentor
IanPeekGolfIan Peek

@golfgurutv #mentor part II ;look at the traits of successful people,gather info from the coaching world o/side golf,write down what u learn
BrentDavisGolfBrent Davis

@golfgurutv watch, study, read about & talk to as many different coaches as possible. Take what works and develop your own ideas #mentor
rcampbellgolfRobert Campbell

@golfgurutv Go see as many top teachers as u can, take lesson or observe them teaching for a day. #mentor 
TimCookeGolfTim Cooke

@golfgurutv read, watch, find people to teach! Must help people to develop coaching skill (not just talk about it!) #mentor
dancarrahergolfDaniel Carraher
@golfgurutv keep asking why #mentor
CMcCormickGolfCameron McCormick
@golfgurutv great question. Aspiring coaches must pursue knowledge outside of conventional sources/subjects. Gr8 coaching requires cont…
CMcCormickGolfCameron McCormick
@golfgurutv …knowledge in all facets that influence performance. Seek knowledge to differentiate from the masses. #mentor
jgpaUSAA. S. Graham III
@golfgurutv My advice: Don’t latch onto others 2 reach your goals. It’s not who U know, its the hard work U do that creates success
In my opinion, the great coaches always have a student mentality and are willing to share with others their experiences and knowledge because they understand the big picture. The problem with the golf business is that we don’t want to share best practices because we are afraid or insecure in our future. We think that if we assist others that they will take our piece of the pie. Let me give you a secret, the pie is very big and we havent even bitten off a nibble. There are so many golfers who are afraid of taking lessons because of all of the bad golf lesson experiences that continue to be given  because of coaches who aren’t prepared to guide the student in the right direction. IT IS NOT THEIR FAULT. It is us, the ones who are the caretakers of the game who need to make it our mission to reach out and share in order to improve the over all quality of the golf instruction business. Okay, Okay, I will get off of my soapbox and get to what my advice was to a young up and coming coach. It has all been said but this is what i think:
1. Find an experienced coach to guide you in the right direction (mentor)
2. Learn why the ball does what it does (D Plane)
3. develop your people skills first and then learn to teach. I see so many that have the info but cant communicate it to the average golfer
4. develop a servant attitude toward your students and learn to build relationships
5. If your student doesn’t get better, it should bother you. Figure it out! Ask for help and don’t be too proud
6.Teach as much as you can (even if it for free) to sharpen your eye. Nothing can replace experience on the lesson tee.
7. Learn all the different theories, your research and develop your way
8. Get around as many great teachers as possible and don’t be afraid to ask why?
9. get out of the box and learn from coaches in other sports and how they apply to golf
10. Stay humble and stay Nervous!
BTW: Twitter was on fire today. If you are not using twitter, then what are you waiting for…..the info is there!
Please share with any of the buttons at the bottom and your comments are always welcome!
See you on the lesson tee at Carmel,

Rory vs. Jay Townsend in the social medias squared circle called Twitter

Here is an article by Jason Sobel about the exchange between commentator Jay Townsend and Rory McIlroy about his poor course management decisions in todays Irish Open. What are your thoughts? Leave your comments below…thanks

Those who can, do. Those who can’t … cover those who can?

Maybe it’s because golf is a sport that everyone can play, but I’ve never understood the opinion that those in the media who haven’t competed at the highest professional level are somehow unqualified or incapable of critically analyzing current professionals.

There are men and women who cover Major League Baseball without having stepped inside the batter’s box or the National Football League without having battled in the trenches. Competing at such levels undoubtedly gives some experts a certain type of knowledge that enables them to provide analysis, but it’s hardly mandatory.

In fact, if only those who could compete on the same level were capable of critiquing the world’s best, there may be no such thing as instructors – many of whom weren’t elite players, but often understand the mechanics of the golf swing better than those who do it for a living.

This topic arose on Thursday when European Tour commentator Jay Townsend criticized the strategy of Rory McIlroy during the opening round of the Irish Open, where the U.S. Open champion posted a 1-under 70.

Townsend made his opinion known on the television broadcast, then later tweeted his thoughts on the 22-year-old’s play thusly:

“McIlroy’s course management was shocking … Some of the worst course management I have ever seen beyond under 10’s boys’ golf competition.”

The opinion wouldn’t have been construed as anything other than an analyst, well, analyzing – which is exactly what Townsend’s job description entails.

That is, until McIlroy felt the need to combat those comments with a tweet of his own in response:

“Shut up…You’re a commentator and a failed golfer, your opinion means nothing!”

Townsend also tweeted that McIlroy “should hire Stevie Williams, as I thought [caddie] JP [Fitzgerald] allowed some SHOCKING course management today.” To which the player replied, “Well, I stand by my caddie.”

It should come as no surprise that a golfer – or any professional athlete – would take exception to criticism leveled against him in a public forum. While most competitors will contend that they don’t read the news or listen to announcers, it’s difficult not to pay attention when your name is being called out – especially in a negative light.

The real story here isn’t that Townsend criticized McIlroy or that McIlroy took exception to such criticism. It’s that the player resorted to bringing up the commentator’s past career as the reason he isn’t qualified to own such an opinion.

There are two major problems with this theory.

First off, it’s plain wrong. While Townsend may not have claimed a major championship like McIlroy, he did compete at the game’s highest level. There are several tiers of what may be considered “success” in this game, but to denounce him as a failure is blatantly imprecise and factually incorrect.

Secondly – and more importantly – it doesn’t matter. Everybody is entitled to an opinion and as long as a commentator can put together thoughtful, cogent analysis, his ability to play the game should remain a non-factor.

Of course, this issue transcends whether someone can critique another person who is more talented. The root of what turned this into a headline-inducing story is the new frontier of journalism meeting social media.

That’s right. This is less a player-commentator problem and more a Twitter problem.

While Townsend – who has tweeted 6,015 times and has 4,266 followers at the time of this writing – sent the first part of the aforementioned tweet to everyone, the second part was in response to another person on Twitter. For the uninitiated, that’s like a private conversation through a bullhorn – a one-on-one discussion that the entire world can read.

For his part, McIlroy – who has posted 1,737 tweets and has 546,323 followers – was also only replying to Townsend, however in a forum visible to anyone who either follows both men or clicks on his timeline to view everything he has added to Twitter.

The point is, if both Townsend and McIlroy really wanted to keep this disagreement between themselves, they easily could have done so through direct messages or – laptops and phones be damned – a face-to-face confrontation. Instead, the analyst analyzed and the player analyzed the analyst, sending us into a meta-spiral that created a frenzy on an otherwise busy Thursday in golf.

Really, though, Rory’s outburst has less to do with him as a person or a player and more to do with him as a tweeter. Expect this to be a lesson learned. He likely won’t discontinue tweeting like buddy Lee Westwood did for a while, but he may edit down his posts to a more milquetoast persuasion in the future.

Being able to not only read unfiltered opinions from players and analysts, but interacting with them is a large part of what makes Twitter such a useful tool for most sports fans, as well as those who work in the industry. When handled improperly, though, it can become a dangerous device, as certain newsmakers can cause headlines with a few simple keystrokes.

The key for players and analysts is controlling the message through this medium, but controlling emotions is a major component of it, too.

Golf’s latest squabble featured an outspoken analyst who is entitled to his opinion and an uber-talented young player who went over the line in addressing his. It’s not the first time new-age media has created such turmoil and it surely won’t be the last.

Moral of the story………Be careful what you tweet and if you arent sure? Use the DM feature…..just sayin!

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The Four Corners of Social Media: Dean Smith (Or Guru) style

In this current economy, many businesses are looking for ways to cut costs, yet still get the most out of their marketing dollar. Advertising budgets are being cut and people are being laid off as to just keep the business afloat. It is no different in my business as a golf instructor working for a top 25 golf school. We are a small business trying to maintain our piece of the instruction pie while maintaining our brand recognition as well as our current standards of service and golf instruction to our customers. I don’t care how good you think you are at your craft, if you don’t get yourself in front of and stay in touch with your customer, they will find somewhere else to spend their discretionary income. The days of waiting for the phone to ring and setting back and doing what you used to do to drive business is over. The way I look at it as we enter the second year of this recession, is you can choose to be in one or two camps. 1)continue to do what you did the last 10 years and get walked on or 2)grow and move with the latest and most efficient way to market/advertise and communicate with your customer……...SOCIAL MEDIA/MARKETING!

A year and a half ago as we started this downturn, I knew very little on this subject. I look at every adverse situation as a time to grow, learn and get out of my comfort zone. You know me, I am always uncomfortable with complacency and am always looking for the next big thing to learn and grow as a person and a professional. So I went on a quest to figure this stuff out and see how it can help myself and my golf school. So I did what I always do when I don’t understand something…..I bought some books to read and started scouring the internet. The first book I bought was “Crush It” by Gary Vaynerchuck which got me fired up to try some of this stuff. So here is a small synopsis on what I call the four corners of social media and how I think it can help you in whatever business that you are in.

YOUTUBE.COM – This is where It all started for me as I encourage you to always listen to your customer. I used to send out a weekly newsletter with a golf tip to my students. I then started taking pictures of me doing the tip. This evolved into me linking up a professionals swing demonstrating what I was talking about. One of my students commented, “I think the video is great but it would be better if you were doing the tip,”….AHA! So I bought a flip cam, created a TV show called Guru TV. I currently have about 50 videos that I have filmed in the last 10 months. One of my videos “How to drive a golf ball straight” just went viral and youtube is now paying me for the video (very unexpected). Create an account, which is very easy and start filming. You can use your vids as an advertising tool or just a way to get information to your customers or future customers. the main thing is to connect with people. People will subscribe to your channel and you can link it to the next 3 corners that I will discuss.

FACEBOOK – probably leads the way in connecting friends and/or people who don’t know each other. Great way to keep up with customers or post updates on specials that are going on at your company. If you are using it for strictly business, I would recommend starting a fan page. Drive customers to your page through your email marketing or twitter, youtube or word of mouth etc. The more fans you create, the more eyeballs that get to see what you are doing in your business. The more eyeballs, the more chance to cultivate new customers. Using the direct message or the IM feature allows you to communicate with people in a private setting.

TWITTER is the newest craze, even though it about 5 years old. Most people who know about twitter get the wrong idea of how to use it for business. Even though you can only type messages of 140 characters or less, there is great opportunity to reach out to people and communicate ideas. I have met so many outstanding golf professionals and people who just love the game, by using twitter. You can post messages that you want everyone to see (your followers), or you can send a direct message that is just between you and the other participant (similar to a short email). The key is to get followers so more people can see your posts. This is a great way to promote your website or notify your followers of a new blog post…..which is my 4th corner of social media.

WORDPRESS BLOG – This is the biggest reason for the other three avenues…..DRIVING PEOPLE TO YOUR BLOG OR WEBSITE. A blog is another way to promote your business and share information through text or hook up your videos that you have shot on Blogging has become a great venue for many people to share information about a subject of their choice. I use my blog site to share information that I think will help my students and also to create more opportunities for golfers that don’t know me or the golf school to learn more about me. There are many other blog softwares to choose from. WordPress is very well-known, easy to use and had all of the functions that interested me. I would suggest doing your homework, reading other blogs on subjects that interest you and start writing. The cool thing about blogging is you don’t have to be perfect, just write whats on your mind or vlog (video blog) and be prepared for comments. Again, you can link up youtube, facebook and twitter to notify people who you have a blog or have a new blog post.

Click on the links to view my personal facebook, youtube or twitter pages. Friend me up or follow me if you would like. There is plenty of room in Guru Nation.                                   This is just an overview as if I went into detail we would be here all day. The coolest thing is that all of this stuff is FREE!!!!!!!! All it will cost you is your time. If you are willing to put in the work and the hours as I have, I can promise you it will pay off in the long run. Most of the people who criticize Social Media, 1) are too closed-minded to learn something new or 2) Don’t understand it so they bash it.

All I can tell you is that if you aren’t using it (and there are plenty more tools out there), You will be left behind.

So this is the Guru signing off and I AM LOOKING FOR THE NEXT TWITTER……WHOS COMING WITH ME?

Stay humble and stay nervous,


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