My Imaginary Interview On The Tim Ferris Show – Tribe Of Mentors

I’m a big fan of high achieving people who enjoy sharing information and challenge the learning curve and push themselves in all areas of their life which is why I think I was drawn to Mr. Timothy Ferris’ work and podcast. Through his podcast and connecting with so many successful people, I bought his latest […]

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As I sit in my hotel room in Chicago, mentally preparing for the weekend ahead, I felt the need to share a little more about the importance of this upcoming race. As I write this my family (wife, 2 kids) and I  just finished a wonderful meal in the hotel in which we got to […]

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Golf and Running and Our Brain on Doubt (the athletes drug)

There are so many similarities between running and golf. This morning I  ran the Thunder Road half marathon  in Charlotte. Just like a round of golf, every race or long run is always different. Some days your swing feels so smooth and you can’t miss a shot or your body feels great and your legs seem to […]

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