The Daily Guru Episode 1 – Goals and Minutia


Hello peeps! I feel like this is the first time I have ever blogged or written and article. Probably because I haven’t written about anything of substance in a long while…. this one will be no exception:) I started this blog in 2009 and it has been a very important outlet for me in many ways. Whether it is sharing a video tip, writing an article that was on my mind about golf instruction or whatever was going on in my life or just creating content to allow you into my little world. My goals for my social media campaign (as the SM experts would call it) have changed as my job and life have changed but it doesn’t give me the right to disconnect from the world which I feel that I have done a little lately. Moving from a nationally ranked golf school to an exclusive private country club setting has changed my focus from trying to get my information out to the entire golf world to now a group of 1000 members at my club. The communication hasn’t stopped, it has just been geared towards the fish bowl instead of the ocean. Its been good because it has helped me to streamline my goals for my life and my business into these categories that I am passionate about. 1) I want to help as many young teaching professionals become better than me starting with my outstanding staff (Maggie Simons, Josh Spragins) by sharing information and practicalities that have helped me along the way 2) become a better coach to my elite juniors that I have an opportunity to assist in getting better and playing golf in college. 3) Creating some balance in my life to spend more time with my wife and kids…not entirely in that particular order I  might say. probably 3-1-2.


A Thought On Goals

Even as a young professional, I have always been a goal setter. Every year I would set down and write out on a note card what I wanted to accomplish for that year. Some of you that have  heard me do talks at my seminars know that this is what pushed me in the direction of teaching full time when I was a head professional. When all of your goals line up to you becoming a “Top Teacher” you soon realize that you are in the wrong place to accomplish that goal. After  sitting down with my staff recently for our yearly goals setting session (key #1 tell someone about your goals for accountability) I I realized that I had gotten loose with some of my daily practices that have helped me along the way. The beauty of sharing information or helping others is that it is a “Two Way Street”. When I have the opportunity to mentor or share with another individual, it reminds me of things that I may have forgotten or took for granted which allows me to continually learn from these experiences. Danaa Rader is the best that I have ever been around when it comes to setting goals. She helped me simplify my list. She used to say” Your goals should not look like a to-do list.” ….And every goal should have and ACTION plan behind it. This would be a detailed step by step plan to get to the end result.

Getting Back To The Basics

If you haven’t guessed already, this is going to become a very random…journal like writing space that I will try to do every couple of days. It may be a couple of sentences or it might be an article of epic proportion. I don’t know what will come out of it. All I know is I will be writing and sharing my thoughts. As I reflect on the last couple of years, it is very easy when you have some success, to get lazy in the practices that got your there….So here is my list of what I will be doing more of in 2016.

  1. Reading more real books – Based on my library that I stare at eveytime I sit in front of the computer, I would guess that I have read close to 300 books on golf instruction, leadership, personal development, coaching, marketing, business etc. With everything nearly on the internet and social media I have found myslelf just reading articles and papers, which is not bad but I have to get back to real reading which will require me to sit in a quiet place…..loads of benefit here!
  2. Travel to watch other teachers work – I used to do this all the time but now with youtube and facebook we tend to get lazy in gathering information and lose the face to face, live aspect that is real life. I am always honored when other teachers come to watch me work but it doesn’t give me the excuse to not do the same.
  3. Better Use of Downtime – I used to listen to at lest an hour every day of some audio presentation, audio book or lecture dealing with personal development, leadership, management etc. (in the car to and from work). I am pretty sure I have a few degrees from Automobile University. Zig Ziglar, Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, John Maxwell and Brian Tracy are some of my favorites. Now its itunes and podcasts that are getting popular which I have been fortunate to be a part of a few. 3A. I am going to work on my golf game this year. I still have some game left in me and I still love to play so scheduling practice, playing with members and signing up for a few tournaments will be on my list.
  4. Finish my Ebook – I have a book that I wrote a year and a half ago that I never got       published. I need to go through and see what I like and what i want to change and get it  out there. If any of you have a good blueprint for the process of this, let me know.   Time For Action!

That is the theme for this year….ACTION! We all spend alot of time online, at seminars, gathering information, doing research. It is now time to implement what you know and make it work for your situation. This year my focus is on “Long Term Coaching Programs.” Why? That is for another blog post.images

Coaching Secret For The Day: Learn how to deal with poeple and read body language first before you worry about learning and administering the information in a golf lesson. Read a book on learning styles, personalities or body language and it will be easier to get your students to be accepting to new information and to ultimately trust you as a person and their coach

download (1)  Required reading: How to win friends and influence people by Carnegie, Winning with People by John Maxwell maxwell

and Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hil



I am interested in what you think. Leave a comment below and don’t be afraid to share.

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Golfers….Stop Majoring In the Minors!! Keys To Being A Better Student

I haven’t posted anything new in a while and received an excellent topic from one of my twitter friends, Blaze Grinn (click to follow him on twitter), which is “How to keep your students on task?” I know I post a lot about how we can get better as coaches and teachers but this is about the students and ” How To Be A Better Student.” If you are out there trying to get better at this crazy game, how do you do it? This is an important question that you need to ask as we get ready to start a new year and golfing season. We all set goals and expectations but I can tell you that you must assemble a quality team to have any chance to achieve them. The first person you need to hire is your golf teacher. One that you trust, has the knowledge and expertise to answer your questions but more importantly is willing to be a part of your plan to achieve your goals. So here are some important ideas that have to be considered before you take a lesson.

A Commitment Level  That Matches Your Goalsreach_for_the_stars_poster-rdcd2d3071ab84c329c371c2a675982e6_ayhe_152

1. Expectations Must Match Commitment – One of the first questions that I ask every student after establishing a specific goal is “How much time do you have to practice and play?” For example: If you are a 16 handicap and want to be an 8 handicap by years end and you are able to practice once a week and play once on the weekend then you are not being realistic. It’s like myself starting to work for your sales force and wanting to break all of your records but only wanting to work the standard 40 hours a week. It isn’t going to work, so be realistic and share BE HONEST with your coach so you can set goals that you can achieve.

2. Trust Your Coach No Matter What – Your coach has your best interest at heart and I would encourage him to lay out the plan for your improvement and be specific. If might look like, (takeaway, pivot, path) = push draw that doesn’t cross target line (goal). Or it may be a short game or putting specific plan. Whatever it is, you must stick to the plan. If it is not on the list, don’t waste time worrying about it because YOU think it is the right thing. (you are not the expert)

3. Looks can be dangerous – One of the things that I have learned from teaching with TrackmanTrackman is that impact alignments are always more important than the look of a swing. I understand that there are position changes that often need to be made in order to change ball flight but it is about a repeatable impact condition that is important. It is up to the coach to discern whether you can achieve the goal with your individual move and if it is worth changing. Don’t change for a picture but rather a result that will hep you play better.  Most of the time students fall into the trap of trying to look like someone they saw on TV or in a magazine or better yet one of their playing partners. Clarification by the coach is important is this respect and is necessary to make sure you are working on what is important instead of what is perceived to LOOK good. Example: If some coach would have tried to change Jim Furyks’ position at the top, we may have never heard of him. It is a good thing that his father figured out that he was repeating where it is important and didn’t change it.

4. Stay Focused On The Majors – When taking a lesson it is important to not try to get ahead of the teacher of out think the process. Stay focused on the couple of things that the learning picinstructor has you working on and that’s it. Typically lessons fail because the student has a hard time letting go of what they thought they should be working on instead of focusing on what the teacher is trying to get you to focus on. STAY ON TASK! This is why video can be dangerous for some students because they try to pick apart what they had in their mind as the perfect swing. Your coach must guide you to look at ONLY what is important (Major). If they don’t mention it, let it go!

Give Constant Feedback

As much as your instructor is trained in reading your body language, your verbal feedback dufneris crucial to the success of the team. (you and your instructor). It starts with sharing your injuries, past surgeries and aches and pains. I love it when I ask this question at the beginning of the lesson and I get nothing, only to find that the student had surgery on their left knee. No wonder they were having trouble getting their weight forward at impact. Even though you think it is not affecting your motion, let your coach decide as he evaluates your move. Most of the time it matters and you don’t realize it.

5. Share Feels and Observations – There is nothing worse than a quiet student in a golf lesson. Whether the shot is good or bad, giving constant feedback on how you liked the shot or what it felt like is valuable information for the coach. Otherwise we are only assuming and trying to read body language. The words that you use to describe each shot and how it felt gives your coach a clear indication on your learning style and what drills, type of language or external cues to use for your progression.

6. Keep a Golf Journal – With all the technology that we have to help us play and learn journalbetter, I still see value in the “old school” act of journaling. I encourage my students to get a notebook and write down everything from: What they took from each lesson (confirm with your coach), what drills they did in practice and how did they feel, to what didn’t work in their practice session. Failures can teach us some very important lessons that will help us improve. I believe that writing can help organize your mind and help you to stay on task which will help you……….wait for it…….

Major In The Majors! 

Stick to what is important and stop worrying about what isn’t part of the plan. Lets have a great 2014 and I hope you all reach your golfing goals.goal chart

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Guru Heads In A Different Direction…..whos coming with me?

First off, thanks for following my blog. You probably have noticed that I haven’t posted in a while but and I am still approaching 70,000 views which means that new people are still discovering my site or that you loyal readers are just taking your time to get through it all. I have worked very hard in the last couple of years to supply you all the most updated information to help you play better golf or become a better coach. As I have embarked on my new job change as the director of instruction at Carmel CC, I have been purely focused on raising the level of instruction for my staff by mentoring and training and concentrating on providing expert instruction to the wonderful membership at Carmel. I have changed my social media focus to strictly the membership by providing them with exciting programs for adults and kids, shooting weekly newsletters and video tips and improving the communication with the members as to keep them supplied with the best golf information and instructional opportunities to help improve their games. It is easy when you have such a supportive staff of PGA instructors (Eerik Kauppinen, Clint Udell and Adam Ohsberg) that have bought into our philosophy and implemented it to the members that they are working with and a membership that has been so appreciative of the efforts to bring the instruction to another level.  I have also been plodding along (slowly i might add) writing my first book. So I haven’t been ignoring you on purpose, I have been a little busy. As the videos will be purely for the members to see, I will be doing some writing (maybe a few excerpts from my book) and continuing to share my insights on this great game, throwing in a few posts for the coaches out there to discuss and helping to promote other coaches that have helped me so much (paying it forward as they say). I am not promoting anything with the exception of which I am so excited to be a part of and am the only certified instructor in the Charlotte area. (check out my AimPoint page). I have missed you guys and appreciate you following my blog.

Here are my picks for the upcoming British Open. Leave your picks in the comment section and don’t hesitate to leave a question or share a post. Here is a video that I shot last year at this time. How time flies.

1. Rickie Fowler

2. Padgraig Harrington

3. Ian Poulter

4. Francesca Molinari

5. Dustin Johnson

Best of Luck With Your Golf,


7 Nights At The Twitter Academy (Junior Edition)….A Must See If You Want To Play College Golf

For those of you who don’t follow me on twitter. The mastermind crew, orchestrated by my good friend Jason Helman, are helping the juniors this week with a variety of topics. I was fortunate to be joined by one of my Elite juniors, Philip Oweida as we talked about the value of using video during playing lessons. I was also joined by former LPGA tour player, Perry Swenson and former mini-tour and reigning Carmel Club Champion, Justin Livonius for an interview about the college recruiting process and some valuable tips that the juniors don’t want to miss. Here is my video submission and the entire interview (uncut) with Perry adn Justin. I hope you enjoy and share them with your junior golfer.

See you on the tee at “The Best Club In America”


My Day at Augusta with Nicklaus Palmer and Masters Predictions

I’ve been attending the Masters since 1998 but until you can share it with someone who has never been, well it is just a place that every golfer needs to go. In 2001, it was my father in law Butch that went with me for the first time. He never takes this trip for granted. Butch battled Leukemia and won but in the process he missed the trip to Augusta two years ago so he has a great appreciation for Augusta. I knew it was going to be a great day when he looked at my son, Nicklaus as we approached the gate on Monday (acting like a kid himself) and said,”This will be one of the greatest days of your life!’ and that we are so blessed to be here. He was right.  I was so excited to share this special day with my 10-year-old son, Nicklaus Palmer (you have to love the name) who has become a passionate golfer in the last 2 years. Ever since he started going to the Wachovia (now the Wells Fargo Championship) he got the bug and I love it. We are entering the gate and he pulls out a plastic  baggie to put some Augusta grass into. That is what passionate golfers do and I love it. Nick couldn’t believe the condition of the golf course and he loved walking the golf course and seeing all of the holes that he had only seen on the internet and TV. After walking the course and watching Tiger and a few others play a few holes, we hit the range to watch the boys practice which I hoped would be educational and it was. He loved watching the short game area as we witnessed Hunter Mahan (one of his favorite players) take a pitching lesson. Is that what you want me to do daddy? Is all he said as he studied the technique of Hunter and Patrick Cantlay hitting wedge shots. The day would not have been complete without Nick’s favorite golfer making an appearance. Rickie Fowler. Even though it was 2:00 and we were getting tired, his step quickened as we caught up with his idol on the second hole. We followed Rickie throughout every shot on the front nine and Nick managed a couple of responses from all the “nice shot Rickie” that he kept throwing out after every shot and even got a high-five on no. 6 tee (I don’t think he has washed his hand). He even managed a few autographs such as Jack Fleck, which I thought was pretty cool. All in all it was a spectacular day spent with my boy and I think we created some memories of a lifetime. As we walked out of the gate Nick said,”Dad, can I come back next year?” You got it buddy, thanks for sharing this day with me and Papa. On the ride home, Nick told me the list of things that he learned from the day and that he couldn’t wait to get back and practice them on the golf course…… father like son, always trying to learn and get better and I love him for that. He said that he will be playing in the Masters in 10 years (Big Dreams never hurt).

So to my Masters Picks:

1. Tiger: I know he is on everyone’s list but I don’t think I would have said this a couple of months ago. After watching him practice in person, there were no multiple rehearsal swings that I am used to seeing him make as he is working on his swing changes which means that he finally trusts his new move. As Phil Mickelson said in his press conference,”That Sucks for the Rest of Us.” He is as confident as I have seen him as his body language reflects it.

2. Rory McIlroy – redemtion time

3. Matt Kutchar- looked good Monday and I think is ready to win a major

4. Adam Scott – great showing last year and the new putter is working which has been missing in past majors

5. Padraig Harrington – was spotted working with AimPoint inventor, Mark Sweeney. Big advantage and has been hitting it better of late

Dark horses to watch out for:

Rickie Fowler – did not miss a shot the nine holes we walked with him. Puttng is the only problem. If he figures out the greens he could be dangerous

Bo Van Pelt – Aimpointer that has played well in the past. I like him to get another top 10

Bill Haas – Has the game to compete in the majors and has the length

I am not sure there has been a more anticipated Masters as this one and it should not disappoint. It looks like the course will play soft and long so you have to carry the ball far and hit the long irons well so we will see. Who is your top five picks? Thanks for reading and enjoy the Masters.



Guru TV – Lesson With Tour Player Chelsea Bach (my 2000th Follower)

I know its been awhile since I shot a Guru TV episode but here is a special edition that I hope you enjoy. I recently reached 2000 followers on Twitter and I wanted to do something special for that person. I was willing to give away some Guru Swag but come to find that this young lady did not need that since she was already a professional golfer and had a sponsor. So I offered to do a video swing analysis (A mini-Guru Project) since she is in Arizona and she kindly agreed to let me have a look at her golf swing. Chelsea is playing the mini-tours and is working toward to LPGA tour. Her coach has done a fantastic job with her so I thought I would give her my ideas to add to an already fabulous golf swing. I had to break up the video into 2 parts due to my lengthy analysis so click on the second one to see the finished product.

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See you on the lesson tee @ Carmel CC


Students Of The Game…..Consistency Is Not A Goal!!

Tonight I want to speak to the students in the room. Specifically the ones here that are interested in getting better. Who really wants to improve their scores? Raise your hands high! Is that your real objective? You would be surprised to find that it isn’t always the case. At the beginning of every lesson or golf school, I always ask the student what is your goal for today and where do you want your game to look like in a years time? Anything past that is for tour players. You would be surprised by some of the answers that i get from such a simple question. (or is it). I enjoy asking the goal question and telling them that their answers cannot include the word CONSISTENCY and you wouldn’t believe the look on their faces because they were all going to say it….”I just want to be more consistent”. As a golf coach, that phrase means very little to me as I attempt to gain valuable information about your game that will help direct me towered helping you play better. Players, you have to be more specific. As I watch a new student warm up and hit every shot to the right, i might joke that you are incredibly consistent……… 🙂 the point is, you have to be more specific when setting your goals and a quality coach should be able to help you with this. The first step is with an accurate assessment of your current condition. Now I understand that there are goals that apply to different level of players and this important because the only thing worse than not setting goals is to set them too high only to get frustrated. For example, a beginning golfer might set a goal of getting the ball airborne every time and that is ok. There is nothing worse than a new golfer thinking that they should hit it perfect (just like their friend who has been playing for years) and getting frustrated and quitting the game. Here are some examples of specific yet simple goals and I will give you an easy way to organize your plan for next season.
1. Stop slicing or hooking

2. To hit the ball more solid instead of hitting the ground behind the ball or catching it thin 

3. To hit more fairways or greens

4. To hit my pitch shots the right distance

5. To stop 3 putting

6. To hit my fairway woods off the ground 

7. Gain distance (very popular) but a good goal 

8. To understand my golf swing and what to work on

9. I want to get the ball out of the bunker every time

These examples are what I call skill building goals. As a coach,  I can work with these answers and build a plan to improve these skills which will ultimately lead to the second kind of goal (Outcome Goals). These are good guidance to get started and keep you focused. Examples of outcome goals would be to win the club championship or your flight in the member guest. To lower your handicap from 15 to 9. to qualify for the state amateur or to break 80 for the first time.
These are great starting points but it’s only the beginning. I understand that there are two types of golf 1) ego Golf and 2)scoring golf
Ego golf is the player that doesn’t care what they shoot as long as they hit the ball farther than their golfing buddies so that they can talk about you in the bar after your round. These players look great on the range but can’t post a score.  These are the types of players that drive coaches crazy because we feel that the ultimate goal is to score lower and we don’t care how you do it. If I have to hear,” I shot my career low……buttttt I really putted well on that day,” So What! Its part of the game. The same player goes out and hits 15 greens and shoots worse but is happy with it.

Start by keeping basic stats (gir’s, fir’s, putts, up and downs, penalty strokes) or get a software program that does it for you. My favorite is This will help you to establish a pattern to see where you are actually weak and where you are strong. After you chart 10 rounds, share it with your coach and you can start to set some goals. Here is an example: Lets say you set a goal to lower your handicap from 15 to 9. You chart your rounds and you are hitting 8 greens in reg. 9 fairways with no penalty shots, your up and down % is less than 30 and you are averaging 38 putts per round. If you are like most golfers you are still trying to hit the ball better to get your greens in reg up to 14 because that is what the top tour player is doing. Wrong! Your coach is going to say hop in the cart and lets introduce you to the short game area and putting green. He may even sign you up for an AimPoint clinic, if you are lucky! Build the skills that will help you reach your goals. Be honest with yourself and don’t worry so much about what others think when you are practicing your weaknesses. Pretty soon they will be asking you what has changed when you are thrashing them)  which is the greatest compliment as a golfer…..and the most rewarding.

Be smart this winter and you will thank me later. Dont let your ego keep you from reaching your goals this upcoming season. See you here tomorrow night!

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See you on the lesson tee,


Reflecting On The Year Behind Us and How I Set Goals

Today I stood very still and thought for a while. I prayed a prayer of thankfulness. This time of year is great for two things.1) Reflecting on the year that has passed and 2) An opportunity to look ahead and make plans for the future. Isnt funny how we long to take days off but then we feel guilty for not doing something we would consider productive? I have a hard time sitting still. I am restless for change. I am so blessed with my life and what I have accomplished but that kind of thinking can often make you lazy and complacent. I don’t want to be that guy. So I had to write something today whether it made sense or not, I just had to have a brain dump of sorts. First of all thanks for showing up today as I never in a million years thought I would ever have something interesting to say that so many people would want to listen to. It’s funny how writing works. We think we are sharing our thoughts with our readers but really I am learning and growing as well. It provokes thoughts on both sides and hopefully we talk about it. This has been a crazy year for me and a memorable one for sure as I am finally doing exactly what I should be doing. I love my new job as Director of Instruction at Carmel CC. For many years I wondered when this career move that I had been preparing for all of these years would happen. After it finally happens,  I am able to look back and see that I wasn’t ready back then. I thought I was but I needed more preparation. More maturity.  I always say,” God is Never Late…..But He is never early either.” This often makes people impatient and they make mistakes.  I had set this goal 5 years ago and it has motivated me to get better in every area of my job. Whatever your goal is the key is to prepare yourself to be ready when the door opens because you never know. So now what do we do. We have the dream job and this opportunity ahead of us so now what…………..? Lets set some goals! I recently met with my staff and asked them to submit their goals for 2012. They did such a great job and I am excited to help them achieve them next year.  I have always been a goal setter as I feel it keeps me going in the right direction. Kind of like this blog, I tend to get going in multiple directions and don’t get anything fully accomplished unless I have a plan . It doesn’t matter whether you are a student trying to improve your golf game or a teacher/coach trying to improve your skills as an instructor, you need to write down some things that you want to accomplish. So here is some insight on how I go about this process every year about this time:

1.) First, look back at your goals for this year and see how many you were able to check off and how many you may want to carry over to next year. What you did well and the things you want to improve upon. (Reflection is important)

2.) I break mine up into categories such as:

1. Teaching production/units/income

2. New programs

3. Social media/marketing

3. Writing

 4. Speaking

5. Certifications and Continuous learning

6. Stretch Goals

Then I start to fill in the blanks with ideas, action plans and timelines. As soon as you decide on what you want to do, it is so important that you creat an action plan. These are the steps that you are going to make in order to achieve this goal. This could be an important phone call, a contact letter or a class to take….The main thing is to never leave a goal without creating action to move towards it.

Extra goals that I would encourage away from career goals are: Spiritual, Fitness and a Life or Bucket List……(for another blog)

I am not going to share all of my goals for this upcoming season but I will tell you that I am going to have a big focus on creating new programs which I am very excited about. I have the 2012 calender of events locked and loaded to share with my members at Carmel which will have a laser like focus on short game and putting as I will set a goal to see how many strokes I can take off of my members handicaps by year-end. Aimpoint, Putting Schools and Wedge fitting short game schools will be the highlights. Second will be more speaking engagements. I will host a PGA section seminar this spring as I am very excited to share the knowledge that I have acquired from many of you reading this blog, you know who you are and I  thank you. I have already been asked to do my first away game short game school (Thank you Rob McGill aka @golfprorob) that I am very excited about in March. FYI….I am free to speak at anyones club or section meeting as I would love to do that if you need someone to share coaching and social media ideas or personal development (shameless plug). In the writing category I will be finishing up my first book which I am excited about. Due to Golf Illustrated being bought out, I am available for more writing gigs if anyone needs an instructional editor. I will be writing for a new up and coming magazine called the Turn and will be an instructional editor which I am excited about but I have room for more (Golf Tips, Golf Digest, Golf Magazine…..If you are listening!  In the Certification category, I am very excited to be finishing my Aimpoint Green Reading certification in February. My members are already excited about the clinics that I have presented and will take that to the next level for sure. What certifications do you think is important? I am looking at a few for this year. I have put together a social media schedule of videos (Guru TV), increasing brand awareness,  tips and information to get the Carmel members more involved with the Carmel Golf Academy  (click to like our facebook page) and to help communicate better with them which I think is going to be great. Even the non-members will be able to view so don’t worry but I am excited to see what I can do with my new environment of outstanding members so stay tuned. The seeds that I have been planting are starting to grow. So thanks for being here for this brainstorming session. I feel better already and I hope you got something out of my rambling rant. I am so thankful for you the student and my fellow coaches that help me achieve my number 1 goal every year. Be a better coach than I was  last year…..and I have done that for sure. Talk to you tomorrow

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7 Nights At The Twitter Academy: Gaining Momentum (videos included)

The bible says,”Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labor. 10For if they fall, the one will lift up his fellow: but woe to him that is alone when he falls; for he has not another to help him up.”  Not to get preachy with you but the point is that we can accomplish more in a group than as individuals. Our goal for this project was simple,”To Help Grow the Game Of Golf,” As the goal stated is very straight forward, the avenues that lead us down this journey can take on many forms. So here is my lists that make up the objective and then I will review the project for those coming late to the gathering.

1. to share quality golf information with the average golfer through a single social media vehicle (

2. to highlight some outstanding PGA and CPGA professionals that you may not have heard of before

3. to share knowledge and open up discussion/debate with other coaches in the industry

4. to stretch ourselves to become better through the sharing and learning process (iron sharpens iron)

5. And finally to show other golf professionals the value and effectiveness of social media through tracking views and comments that could lead to future relationships and business with: students, members and other coaches)

So lets backtrack for those that are hearing the details of the “Seven Nights at the Twitter Academy” for the first time.

My good friend, CPGA teaching professional, Jason Helman (jasonhelmangolf) came up with this idea to mirror the Golf Channels week of instruction shows by having 7 golf professionals shoot 7 videos on different parts of the game, unveil them every night @8 p.m. on twitter. The catch was that you have to be following one of the group in order to view the videos as we all kept the link unlisted so we could control who viewed.

The group that was assembled is a very tight-knit group that converse regularly on twitter and other social networking sites. I affectionately dubbed the group; “The Mastermind Crew” after Napoleon Hill’s (Think and Grow Rich) idea which states in chapter 10.”The “Mastermind” may be defined as: “Coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definitive purpose.” #mastermindcrew……..So here they are for you to follow: Jason Helman (@jasonhelmangolf) Sara Dickson (@sara_PGA) Rob McGill (@golfprorob)Kirk Oguri (@kirkoguri)Andrew Marr (@andrewmarrgolf) Dennis Sales (@dennissalesgolf) A very important member of our mastermind crew is John Graham, aka. the king of twitter (@johngrahamgolf) . John was originally going to participate in our project but was out-of-town so couldn’t do it. I am very fortunate to call John a good friend but all of us in the crew have been affected by his knowledge, sharing of that knowledge and friendship over the years so I didn’t want to leave JG out for sure.  I would expect to see him in future videos for the project.

I am very fortunate to be a part of this outstanding group of professionals as I have learned so much from every one of them and learned some new things this week watching their videos. All of us met via twitter which show you how powerful this tool can be if you are searching for information, new relationships and interested in gaining more knowledge about your profession.

As for the question of have we reached our goals for this project? I would say this is only the beginning as the behind the scenes information and ideas that have been traded has unlimited potential. We will see where it takes us all but I can tell you that I am so thankful for Jason Helman for coming up with the idea, allowing me to be a part of it and guiding us through it. I appreciate the kind comments and questions for our #mastermind crew as we posted our videos. They were all wonderful and I think we represented ourselves well. The sky is the limit and I hope that you will come with us as we try to improve your game as we are passionate about sharing, coaching and this great game of GOLF.

Update: As of now we have collectively over 1700 views for our shows, not bad for 1 week!

So here they are! The 7 nights Crew in order of days they were presented

Oh yeah, Follow me on Twitter (@golfgurutv)…..almost forgot!



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