GURU TV – How to Hit the Driver part 2: Irons vs. woods

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Guru TV – Body Pivot Options: Neutral vs. Positive

The body is the engine of the swing. After you train the hands and arms effectively then you can focus on your body pivot. In the past I have talked about matching components. Different pieces put together correctly that allow you to swing the club on the correct swing plane. You can’t get these mixed up or you will not hit the ball your best. Here are the different combinations that I prescribe for the best results:

Neutral Pivot (Option 1) – steeper shoulder plane, higher right hip, centered head position. I recommend coupling with a flatter hand/arm plane to balance out the swing.

Chad Campbell – Option 1

Positive Pivot (Option 2) – flatter shoulder plane, level hips, spine tilted away from target. Head moves a half of a head away from target. I recommend a more a more upright arm plane to match. Requires a bigger slide forward with the hips and hand drop from the top to balance out hsp.

Ryan Moore Option 2


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Tiger Woods: What is wrong with Greensboro? Get back on the horse!

Is golf the same without Eldrick? I don’t think so. Many reporters are saying that golf is healthy and in good hands with all of the great young players that are visible in the game right now and I agree to an extent?? We need Tiger to get back to contending in golf tournaments and put some excitement back into golf. We look to Rory, Matteo, Ryo and Ricky to save golf and it just isn’t going to happen yet. It is just not their time. I love these kids (especially Rory and Ricky) but how many tournaments have they won? 2? and I know one was a US Open and I appreciate that but it takes time build a career and I think they will both win plenty. There is not a day that goes by that one of my students asks me “What is wrong with Tiger?” or what do you think is going on and here is my take on things.

1.  We have been spoiled by his past performances (2000-2001) because we wouldn’t have expected any other player to do much better in his last two tournaments after such a layoff from injury. No one is exempt from laying off and getting their game back, not even the best. It takes time and quality reps.

2. Tiger needs to play every week! I am disappointed that he said that he would play Greensboro if he didn’t play well at the PGA to try to play in the playoffs and he didn’t. I think he was disappointed with his performance but he needs some consistency in his schedule…I dont care if he plays the Nationwide tour, he needs to play his way through this slump (yea I said it).

3. I know he is going through swing changes and everyone wants to blame Sean Foley for the wreckage but let’s get serious. No one could single-handedly screw up Tigers swing. He has been to plenty of swing coaches over the years and has managed to come out a winner. The golf club hasn’t changed and his talent will always win out. I am not saying that I agree with the direction that Foley’s going (that is for another blog) but C’mon man. He isn’t giving him putting lessons (I wish I had 30 minutes with him on the putting green…once again another blog)

4. Tiger needs to get back to the beginning when he played some lesser tournaments and just played golf. It is good to see that he is going to play the Frys tournament because that is what he needs. He is in a different place mentally and needs to get his confidence back and the only way to do it is to play through it. He is not good enough to play a limited schedule and pick and choose.

5. He needs to wear a white belt more often (oh yeah I said it JR)…….he plays better when he wears it.

Here is a short piece by Jason Sobel from the Golf Channel on his upcoming tournament:

The latest news about Tiger Woods competing in the Open should come as a complete surprise.

No, not the fact that he’s playing a Fall Series event; he’s contended for a while now that he needs more “reps” late in the year. And not the fact that it’s the, either; on a challenging golf course in his native California, it makes as much, if not more, sense than returning to the scene of his first career victory in Las Vegas or his second career win at Disney.

Instead, the biggest shock is that Woods announced the move on his personal website on Aug. 29, more than a month before the tournament will be played from Oct. 6-9.

After all, other than a major, WGC event or one of his own tournaments, this is the earliest he’s committed to an event in years.

Other than that, we should’ve have expected this announcement.

After U.S. Presidents Cup team captain Fred Couples first said he would almost certainly add Woods to the roster as a wildcard pick, he then concluded that he wanted Woods to play again prior to the competition. Well, Couples wasn’t coming up with that idea on his own. The guess here is that he knew Woods was planning to compete in a Fall Series event and made his claim knowing his wish was going to come true anyway.

Political reasons aside, this is a smart move. At the root of the Fall Series, its reason for existing is giving those who didn’t perform well in the regular season final chances to earn money, world ranking points and a trip to the winner’s circle. Woods has struggled with all three this year, failing to qualify for the FedEx Cup playoffs in his injury-shortened eight-start season, so getting another chance to tee it up leaves him as just another of those guys trying to salvage his season.

After that, he’ll play in an outing at Pebble Beach that will help raise money for his foundation, will do some corporate appearances in Asia before heading to the Australian Open then the Presidents Cup.

It’s not the usual late-season schedule for a guy with 71 career victories and 14 majors, but then again, this hasn’t been a usual season, either.

Peeps: Agree or Disagree with anything? Leave your comments in the comment section below about anything. I also welcome “Ask the Guru” questions” as well

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GURU TV – Interview with tour player Federico Celano

Here is an interview that I did with one of my mini-tour players, Federico Celano. Federico is from Italy and we have been working together for 2 years and he has had a great season thus far with a recent t24 at the Southern Open with back to back 67’s to close strong. Check out the question that I ask him at the 10:30 mark that will help you, the average golfer get a good prospective on change. I hope you enjoy the interview and I thank Federico for agreeing to come on the show. He is playing in the Monday qualifier for the Wyndham Championship and then off to European Q School.

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GURU TV – “Ask the Guru”: episode 1

On todays show, I field two great questions from my blog. The first one from Nick Chertock about how to get students in posture. Special thanks to my student, Mike Meyer for assisting me although he didn’t do a very good job of portraying poor posture (he is just that good) Recap the three ways to put a student into posture:

  • place forearm on back and bring the upper body up towards your hand and hips out
  • place club across waist and push the hips back
  • touch your fingertips to the tops of your kneecaps

and the second question from Bill Shafer from England about club face control.


  • grip could be too weak. you shouldn’t have to over rotate forearms and wrists to square face. strengthen grip until you can get the ball to turn left
  • check club face half way back, should tilt forward and match spine angle at address
  • check top of swing and make sure club face matches left forearm
  • If these check out then we will address how to release forearms (see older guru tv video on how to release the club properly)

This is what it is all about, getting you the information that you need to improve your golf games and that is what I love to do. Leave a question in the comment section and let’s keep it rolling. You can ask me about anything and I will give you the answer via video or text.

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Pressing Reset: Play Ask the Guru and Lets Get Ready For Second Half of Your Golf Season

"Be The Brand"

As the summer golfing season comes to a close, we approach my favorite time to play…..the fall. The temps get cooler and the ability to stand out and practice and play gets more bearable. I wanted to take a minute and revisit my ultimate goal for creating this blog. My goal was to help you, the average golfer and continue to grow the game. At times I feel as if I lose focus on this and try to impress my peers (all the outstanding coaches that I am fortunate enough to have reading my blog and sometimes even commenting on it, which I am grateful). I know that I do not have all the answers (maybe 30% as I can tell) but I am excited to learn the rest and share it with all of you. For those of you that have worked with me the last several years, know that my goal is to improve as your coach every year and I have done that. Next years guru model will be the best ever.  But I can guarantee that there is not a coach out there that cares more about their students (YOU) and has a passion for helping people have more fun playing this great game and improving. If I don’t have the answer to your questions, I have a lot of friends that are a lot smarter than me that do and I will get it for you….because that is what I do. As Jerry McGuire says,”I am an animal for you and I will not sleep until I am playing a video game named after you wearing a shoe that you designed with your name on it….Well, you know what I mean. I care! So let’s get back to basics and get this blog rolling with some old fashioned….Ask The Guru! Here is how it works: 1) You leave a question in the comment section about anything that you want 2) I will either type an answer back in the form of a blog or make a video blog demonstrating the answer for you. If you have been a lurker of this blog, which means that you read my stuff and watch Guru TV but don’t comment, I would love to hear from you. I have over 100 subscribers and would love to get more to get some dialogue going so spread the word as there will be alot of creative specials that I will be rolling out the rest of

Guru Teaching the Masses

the year. I look forward to your questions and I can’t wait to help you with your game.

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GURU TV – How To Free Up Your Driver Swing Using Visualization

As I wrapped up my last day of family vacation at Beautiful Fripp Island, I couldn’t resist the urge to shoot some video. So I hired my daughter as my film crew (which cost me several virgin Pina Colata’s) and my wife even shot some behind the scenes footage of Guru TV. I included this really cool shot of me hitting the shot as she got me just after impact. This a great image that I think will help you hit more fairways. I hope you enjoy it and feel free to share with your friends and leave a comment below.

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