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Year 6 Is Going To Be Big!

For those of you that know me well and have followed my career understand that I have 3 goals: 1) Provide Education for other instructors 2)Mentor others “pass it on” and 3) Build relationships. My workshops have been my small way of moving myself and others in that direction by bringing together the best instructors in the game to share their knowledge and expertise. I have selfishly grown as a coach through presenting and being around all of these great people who I am most grateful. This year I have put together another great lineup of expert coaches that will make for a fantastic day of learning and networking. Over the last 5 years we have had over 350 attendees (teachers, college coaches, PGM students, golf professionals) from 8 different states. This year I want to make it even bigger!! I am very fortunate to work at one of the finest golf facilities in the country in Carmel Country Club, so I hope you can join us at the 6th annual “Guru’s Teaching and Coaching Workshop.” Here are the details and our line up of speakers for this year.

Email me at: or to sign up

Location: Carmel CC – 4735 Carmel Rd., Charlotte, NC 28226

Date: Monday, March 13th

Time: 8:30 – 6:30 (presentations plus q & a with live lessons)

Cost: 275.00 (includes lunch)*** PGM students 225.00

Let’s meet this years coaches:


Jon Tattersall

Jon originally from England, began his career as an assistant in the United States at CCNC in 1988.  During his tenure at CCNC he worked for the legendary PGA member Buck Adams and played numerous rounds of golf and took lessons from E. Harvie Ward. Jon’s first Head Golf Professional position was at Landfall Country Club followed by Porters Neck Plantation, both in Wilmington, NC.  In 1998 Jon moved to Atlanta, GA to open a learning center with GOLF Magazine Top 100 instructor and ABC commentator Gary Smith.  Through a mutual friend Jon met Todd Townes, a performance-conditioning specialist who worked with several PGA Tour professionals, NBA, NFL, NHL and MLB athletes.  Together they began working to improve their client’s performance. In 2007 Jon and Todd founded Terminus Club (now Fusion ATL) in Atlanta, GA.  This facility became their base to measure athletic golf performance and develop training protocols. The facility has four physical therapists, performance strength coaches, stretch therapists, massage therapists, 3D motion analysis systems for swing and putting. Fusion ATL recently signed a partnership agreement with Peachtree Orthopedic Group and a marketing agreement with Northside Hospital to promote wellness programs and performance training to kids in the Atlanta Metro area. Jon has worked with PGA Tour,, LPGA, European Tour winners, members of Ryder Cup Teams and a winner of The Open Championship. In recent years Jon has coached winners of the following PGA Tour Awards: The PGA Tour Vardon Trophy Winner and Player of the Year.

Jons accolades:

Titleist Performance Institute Advisory Board Member

Georgia PGA Teacher of the year 2014

Georigia PGA Chapter Teacher of the Year 2012

GOLF Magazine Top 100 Teacher 2007 -2014

Golf Digest’s Teacher by State list 2004 -2014



John Dunigan

John Dunigan has been coaching for 26 years. He was named the Philadelphia PGA Section Teacher of the year in 2008 and 2016. He has been on Golf Digest’s Top Teachers in Pennsylvania list for eight consecutive years. John is a certified Laser Optics Putting Instructor, a program designed by world-renowned putting specialist, Mike Shannon, from Sea Island GA. He is a Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Certified Fitness Instructor. John is also a Certified Golf Coach, through Dr. Rick Jensen, one of the top golf psychologists / motor learning experts in the country.

John specializes in talent development, particularly with junior golfers. He understands that “talent is not inherited. It is earned.” His approach is based upon helping his students acquire the golf skills required to move through the four stages of learning and play the game at the expert level. Many golfers get lost in a never-ending search for the perfect swing (which does not exist), rather than acquiring the essential skills of ball-control, decision-making, and self-control that are required to play the game at a high level.

James Ridyard

James Ridyard is a leading golf instructor, researcher and co-owner of the Short Game Secrets brand which brings some of the highest selling independently produced instructional videos to the industry. As an instructor he spends the majority of his time working with elite players and has spent time coaching on all the major professional tours but also ensures that he spends time working with players of all levels at his home base in the UK.

James received the great honour of being invited to speak at the PGA of America’s Teaching & Coaching Summit in January 2015. Grabbing the opportunity with both hands James delivered one of the most talked about presentations of the summit, receiving great reviews from a large number of attendees. This success led to James being named as one of Golf Magazines Innovators in the 2015 list and an invitation to speak at his home PGA’s Teaching & Coaching Conference later in the year.

2015 saw James present to more than 2000 coaches and players across more than 10 countries working with various PGA’s and National Federations while continuing to research and develop his ideas on high performance wedge play. In a refreshing contrast to much of the teaching industry James isn’t one to shy away from sharing his information and sees every opportunity to present to a group as a chance to positively influence a larger number of golfers than he ever could on the lesson tee.

While continuing to research and develop himself and his ideas James takes great pride in providing the highest level of full swing and short game coaching available, something you can be sure of is that no stone will be left unturned in helping you achieve your potential.



Tom Stickney

Director of Operations, The Vidanta Golf Academies

23 Years of Full-Time Instructional Experience

Golf Magazine “Top 100 Teacher”

Golf Digest “Top Teacher”

Golf Tips “Top 25 Instructor”

Trackman University “Master/Partner”

The Golfing Machine G.S.E.D. Authorized Instructor

Golf Digest “Top 20 Teachers Under 40” Alumnus

Golf Digest “Best Young Teachers” Alumnus


Tim Cooke

Tim Cooke comes to The Sea Pines Resort from Hilton Head Island’s Long Cove Club where he was director of instruction. Formerly he was the head professional / instructor at Wade Hampton Golf Club (Cashiers, N.C.). Tim is also cofounder of GOLFPREP – an elite junior training academy. He holds a master’s degree in pedagogy from the University of Virginia. In 2009, Tim was awarded “Master Professional in Instruction” status by the PGA of America. In 2014, Tim was named the “Teacher of the Year” for the Carolinas PGA Section. Due to his work with junior golfers, he was recognized as a “U.S. Kids Top 50 Instructor” (2009). Tim has been named to Golf Digest’s “Best Young Teachers” (2010 – 2015). Golf Digest also recognized him as one of “Best Teachers in South Carolina” for 2015 / 2016. In 2015, Tim was selected as a Golf Range Association of America Top 50 Growth of the Game Teaching Professional. In the past three years alone 15 juniors who have been coached by Tim have made the jump from junior to collegiate golf. Tim has also worked with, or is currently instructing, players on the, LPGA and PGA TOUR.
Tim’s instructional articles have been featured in Golf Illustrated and Golf Digest. He has additionally made several guest appearances on Golf Channel’s “The Turn” as well as an instructional segment which ran this year on Golf’s “Weekly Fix.”
Jason Sutton

Jason Sutton, originally from St. Albans, West Virginia, is a P.G.A. Class A Teaching professional and the Director Of Instruction at the prestigious Carmel Country Club in Charlotte, NC. A former Head Golf Professional, Jason has been teaching and coaching golf for 24  years.
Nicknamed “The Guru” by one of his colleagues and referred by his students, Jason was ranked #4 in North Carolina in 2013  and  #9 in 2007 by Golf Digest. He was voted one of the top teachers in the South East Region by Golf Magazine in 2006. Jason has is one of the newest members of the Golf Magazine Top 100 Teachers in America list. Jason Coaches golfers of all abilities but specializes in teaching Mini Tour players, low handicappers and elite juniors. He has coached numerous players on the Web.Com, PGA Latin America, Swing Thought tour, LPGA and Symetra tour and Division 1 college players. He is Aimpoint certified and uses technology such as Trackman, SAM Putt Lab and Boditrak pressure mat in his training. Jason has published many articles in magazines such as: Golf Illustrated, Publinks Magazine, The Turn Golf magazine, Metrolina golf, Triad Golf Today, and He maintains a very active golf  blog called He has been a regular guest of popular radio shows such as: Global Golf Radio with Virgil Herring and Ned Michaels, The Dewsweepers golf show on Sirius/XM PGA Tour radio with Tony Ruggerio and Maginnes on Tap with John Maginnes.

  • Golf Magazine Top 100 Teachers In America List 2017
  • Ranked #4 in the State of North Carolina by Golf Digest in 2016
  • Ranked #7 in the State of North Carolina by Golf Digest in 2013
  • Ranked #9 in the State of North Carolina by Golf Digest in 2007
  • Carolinas PGA Section Horton Smith Award Winner 2015
  • Carolinas PGA Section Teacher of the Year 2013
  • AimPoint Green Reading Certified since 2011
  • Trackman, SAM Putt Lab, Bodi-Trak,  D-Plane and K-Vest certified
  • Teaches all levels of golfers but specializes in Mini-tour players and elite juniors
  • Specializes in teaching putting and using technology to help his players
 Big thank you to all of those who have supported this event in the past. Please don’t be afraid to share by using the share buttons at the bottom. Let me know if you have any questions and I hope to see you in March!!
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Mastermind Skill #5 (D-Plane Knowledge)

I do a weekly tip for my members at Carmel CC that I only share with them but I thought that this tip is what I would consider “The Most Important Golf Lesson” that you may get so I wanted to share it with you. In my 5 Mastermind Skills or the framework of success that I teach at the Academy, this is #5 but it probably should be #1. I assume that all teachers know and understand about the D Plane but it is amazing to me how many times I run into what I consider top teachers, watch videos or read articles that get this wrong which is amazing to me. So in order for us to make sure everyone in our industry is at least agreeing with something that has to do with helping our students get better……This may be the one undisputable fact! Ball Flight Creation. I don’t give a lesson without making sure my student understands the basics of this concept because I want them to be able to somewhat diagnose their ball flight correctly. So here is just a very basic video of the D Plane. I know there are other factors such as A o A and friction etc. but this is a great place to start for the average golfer. At the bottom I will describe 2 scenarios where your ball flight can fake you out so make sure you read the bottom.


2 Ball Flight Fake Outs

#1 The Pull Slice – As I described in the video, if your ball is starting left or straight and curving too much to the right, you must get the club swinging more inside to out and shallower (especially with the driver) in order to get a playable ball flight. If you try to close the face and don’t fix the path, you will hit LOW PULL HOOKS!

#2 The Pull Hook or Draw – One of the most difficult ball flights to diagnose is when you are swinging the club from inside-out or to the right and the ball is starting left and curving more left. Without a trackman or video, this is a tough one because the same ball flight can be created by a left path with a face angle that is in the same direction. So if you find that your path is to the right, then you have to get the club face pointing to the right of target line but left of the path in order to hit a very playable….Push Draw. This often happens because you are trying to flip your hands and wrists through impact or square the clubface too soon which you now know that you shouldn’t do. (that’s for another blog)

Feel free to share this blog and video and leave questions or comments in the comment section. Lets grow the game with the correct information, One golfer at a time.

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7 Nights At The Twitter Academy (Junior Edition)….A Must See If You Want To Play College Golf

For those of you who don’t follow me on twitter. The mastermind crew, orchestrated by my good friend Jason Helman, are helping the juniors this week with a variety of topics. I was fortunate to be joined by one of my Elite juniors, Philip Oweida as we talked about the value of using video during playing lessons. I was also joined by former LPGA tour player, Perry Swenson and former mini-tour and reigning Carmel Club Champion, Justin Livonius for an interview about the college recruiting process and some valuable tips that the juniors don’t want to miss. Here is my video submission and the entire interview (uncut) with Perry adn Justin. I hope you enjoy and share them with your junior golfer.

See you on the tee at “The Best Club In America”


This Is Why I Blog!

I just received the nicest email from a guy that found my blog on the internet. Sometimes we wonder if anyone is getting the information and if it really helps. I am not trying to toot my own horn here but only trying to encourage those of you who are sharing information out there in the blogosphere to continue to share. People are reading and learning whether we know it or not. Most of the time we just get the criticism from the uninformed “negative nellies” (you know who you are) and we don’t hear how we have affected a golfers game or even their lives. I was nearly in tears when I read this for the first time because it affected me so deeply. Thank you “Mr. Wiz” for allowing me to share this with my peeps in the golf world. I think this is going to be a great 2012 for everyone and I hope that you reach your golfing goals. Let me know if I can be of any assistance. It’s what I live to do!

Here is the email that I received that will promptly go into my new testimonial page:

Hi Jason,
It’s Sunday night and it’s my quiet time but I wanted to take this
opportunity and thank you for the help you have given me unknowingly
but your blog site is truly amazing!

I found you quite by accident on the web just looking for someone that
could suggest some help on the proper backswing/takeaway (my takeaway
was way inside). I am a 4 hdcp. at The Tuxedo Club in New York state
and have been as low as a scratch a few years back but that was 2 kids
ago and they are now 19 and 23 so that tells you how long it’s been.

I am a self taught player and student of the game. Finding someone
like you was nothing short of a miracle for me, as you explain things
both verbally and visually ( the broom drill, et al) that clearly
define the feeling and look portions of the swing should look and feel

Last night I didn’t make friends with my wife taking her time away but
I had to watch and read as much of your blog and former videos while
you were at Dana Rader that I could. What a revelation and truly
amazing! You cleared up so many misconceptions I cannot begin to

Additionally I had the opportunity to read your farewell to your
cohorts at Dana Rader and it was truly heartwarming and nice to hear
someone give thanks for opportunities and leave on great terms and
with only the fondest of memories.

Knowing that most PGA pros don’t get a lot of accolades for their
work, I had to take these few minutes to tell you how proud the PGA
sector should be to have someone like you representing it. You are a
credit to them, your family and all of your co-workers and members at
Carmel CC and they are very lucky to have you!

I wish you only the best in your new endeavor at Carmel and whatever
else you undertake. I also will look forward to any updates and new
videos on Hopefully our paths will cross at some point in
the near future, as I may make a pilgrimage down to Charlotte to see
and take a few lessons from you. I’m hoping for a rejuvenated year now.

If your ever up in the New Jersey/ New York area (metro) please give
me a call. I’d love to have you up to Tuxedo for a day of golf at one
of the oldest clubs in the country with a storied history.

Wishing you only the best!


Andy “Wiz” Wyszomirski
Mahwah, NJ”

See you on the lesson tee at Carmel,


50,000 Page Views: Guru Thanks You For Your Support

Just wanted to tell all of you who have read my blog or watched an episode of GURU TV, Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I hope that I have helped your game or pointed you in the right direction in some way form or fashion. I created this blog for YOU, the passionate golfer and golf fan and I am excited to see what lies ahead as I start another chapter of writing and tv shows. As always, feel free to leave a comment in the comment section about what you would like to see in the blog or ask a question that I will air on Guru TV. I know I open it up to you from time to time with an ask the guru segment but this is the time of year as things slow down that I will be able to answer questions, shoot new episodes and interact with you all which is my goal. I am always accessible for you, the passionate golfer or coaches that want to communicate. You can find me in a variety of places in the social media world but most of all here:

Twitter:      – follow me and @ me to join the conversation

Facebook: – friend me up. I turn no one down as I leave no golfer behind

Check out my two fan pages: and

See you on the lesson tee at Carmel,


#Mentor: A Twitter Question : Advice For New Coaches



1.a wise and trusted counselor or teacher. influential senior sponsor or supporter
I spoke to the large group of insurance business people the other day on the  topic of  personal development. My speech closed with a quote from one of my favorite people, Mr. Zig Ziglar.It states “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want. Today, I was talking to a hungry, young driven golf professional that was seeking my advice on how to become a great teacher. First off I was flattered, second of all I was mindful to give him advice that I wish I would have gotten when I was new in the business. Gathering and sharing information and experience is something that i have enjoyed doing when I felt like I had something to offer someone who could improve their knowledge or outlook on the coaching business.  So before I tell you what I told the young man, I posed this question on twitter. The pool of outstanding coaches that I have on my twitter feed is something that I can’t put a price on and will never take for granted. Tonight I was the student and they were the mentors and just set back let the magic of social media run its course. My friends did not disappoint as they never do. The question was,” In 140 characters or less, what advise would you give a young coach?”  So here is a culmination of the answers that they came up with. So new coaches, take note and pay attention: I will use their twitter handles so you can follow.
JohnGrahamGolfJohn Graham
@golfgurutv I would tell them to get on twitter. Follow everyone you know and start a new topic conversation everyday by @ing #mentor
AMGolfMindCoachAndy Morrison
@golfgurutv ‘Be ready to meet the PERSON in front of you at their model of the world and shape your knowledge so it fits for them’ #mentor 
ParkytheProMartin Park
@Sara_PGA @golfgurutv “Those of us who dare to teach must never cease to learn”…there you go – less than 140! #JustforSara 
IanPeekGolfIan Peek
@golfgurutv understand impact,gather info from as many varied coaches as possible,test what youve heard,always ask customer what he wants

Sara_PGASara Dickson, PGA
@JohnGrahamGolf @golfgurutv #truth Twitter & it’s links to other resources has been the most help by far
benclaytongolf1ben clayton

@golfgurutv: Coaches. If you had to give a new, young teacher on piece of advice, what would it be. Learn not from a book #mentor
DonalScottDonal Scott
@golfgurutv #mentor I’m still young;) so I can only speak from my experience so far. Lust for new info & be genuinely interested in people!!
alasdairwattalasdair watt

@golfgurutv Read everything,watch everything,Watch @ range @PGA events. Visit the best instructors. Then formulate what is best. #mentor
IanPeekGolfIan Peek

@golfgurutv #mentor part II ;look at the traits of successful people,gather info from the coaching world o/side golf,write down what u learn
BrentDavisGolfBrent Davis

@golfgurutv watch, study, read about & talk to as many different coaches as possible. Take what works and develop your own ideas #mentor
rcampbellgolfRobert Campbell

@golfgurutv Go see as many top teachers as u can, take lesson or observe them teaching for a day. #mentor 
TimCookeGolfTim Cooke

@golfgurutv read, watch, find people to teach! Must help people to develop coaching skill (not just talk about it!) #mentor
dancarrahergolfDaniel Carraher
@golfgurutv keep asking why #mentor
CMcCormickGolfCameron McCormick
@golfgurutv great question. Aspiring coaches must pursue knowledge outside of conventional sources/subjects. Gr8 coaching requires cont…
CMcCormickGolfCameron McCormick
@golfgurutv …knowledge in all facets that influence performance. Seek knowledge to differentiate from the masses. #mentor
jgpaUSAA. S. Graham III
@golfgurutv My advice: Don’t latch onto others 2 reach your goals. It’s not who U know, its the hard work U do that creates success
In my opinion, the great coaches always have a student mentality and are willing to share with others their experiences and knowledge because they understand the big picture. The problem with the golf business is that we don’t want to share best practices because we are afraid or insecure in our future. We think that if we assist others that they will take our piece of the pie. Let me give you a secret, the pie is very big and we havent even bitten off a nibble. There are so many golfers who are afraid of taking lessons because of all of the bad golf lesson experiences that continue to be given  because of coaches who aren’t prepared to guide the student in the right direction. IT IS NOT THEIR FAULT. It is us, the ones who are the caretakers of the game who need to make it our mission to reach out and share in order to improve the over all quality of the golf instruction business. Okay, Okay, I will get off of my soapbox and get to what my advice was to a young up and coming coach. It has all been said but this is what i think:
1. Find an experienced coach to guide you in the right direction (mentor)
2. Learn why the ball does what it does (D Plane)
3. develop your people skills first and then learn to teach. I see so many that have the info but cant communicate it to the average golfer
4. develop a servant attitude toward your students and learn to build relationships
5. If your student doesn’t get better, it should bother you. Figure it out! Ask for help and don’t be too proud
6.Teach as much as you can (even if it for free) to sharpen your eye. Nothing can replace experience on the lesson tee.
7. Learn all the different theories, your research and develop your way
8. Get around as many great teachers as possible and don’t be afraid to ask why?
9. get out of the box and learn from coaches in other sports and how they apply to golf
10. Stay humble and stay Nervous!
BTW: Twitter was on fire today. If you are not using twitter, then what are you waiting for…..the info is there!
Please share with any of the buttons at the bottom and your comments are always welcome!
See you on the lesson tee at Carmel,

Guru’s Update from Carmel CC

As you all know, I have recently changed jobs (or maybe you didn’t know) and am now the Director of Instruction at beautiful Carmel CC in Charlotte, NC. It is an awesome 36 hole private facility with a newly renovated Reece Jones designed South Course that is second to none. I have been overwhelmed with all of the well wishes from friends and family and your prayers are working because things could not have gone better in the first two weeks. Beginning with the outstanding staff from Jeff Nichols (DOI), Patrick Seather (HP) to the shop staff (Brandon, Adam, Chris, Dan, Fallon and Brett)…they have made the transition so easy with all of the help. Most of all, my new team of outstanding Instructors (Eerik Kauppinen and Clint Udell) have been so gracious and helpful in showing me how to get around all the day-to-day processes that are vital to our success. They are so open to change and have a passion for getting better which is why we have all jelled together as if we have been working together a lot longer than 2 weeks. The members at Carmel have received me with open arms and have been so nice as I walk the range everyday and run into them in the golf shop or in the locker room. I am very excited to provide them with new and exciting programs and help take the already excellent instruction to the next level. My staff and I have already made some nice changes that the members are taking advantage of such as 1)upgrading our video analysis software (V1 Branded Academy) which allows us to email the before and after swings with voice over of what we covered in the lesson to the members. We have had a lot of positive feedback on this already which is exciting. I have put together two new ladies programs and one adult short game school which has been well received. I am also bringing AIMPOINT technologies green reading (with the help of John Graham: senior instructor) in November. If there are any spots open after the next two weeks, I will open the two clinics to non-members. If you have any interest in attending, send me a message via twitter, email or Facebook). I just put together the entire schedule for 2012 which is chalked full of new and exciting programs for the members.

We have an outstanding facility with two hitting bays that allow us to open the doors and hit out into the range protected from the elements. Fitting capabilities with all the major manufacturers. It is only going to get better as we will make some upgrades to the building that will include indoor netting for cold weather and a putting studio with TOMI putting video software along with Coutour Custom fit putters.

Now that I am settled in, look for new upcoming episodes of Guru TV, featuring guest appearances from my staff instructors, Eerik and Clint (@clintudellpga on twitter). I have received many questions about whether I can teach non-members. As the members are my first priority, I can fill in the gaps with non-members. Feel free to contact me on my cell or you can simply call the golf shop (704-945-3300) or the learning center (704-668-9201)

See you on the lesson tee at Carmel CC,


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