Hello world! The golf guru is here

I am excited to share information about myself, golf and  life with everyone. I just wanted to introduce myself first. One of the other teachers at the school started calling me the guru and it stuck.  I am a P.G.A Teaching Professional at the Dana Rader Golf School located in Charlotte, North Carolina (danarader.com). We are a top 25 ranked golf school in the country and are affiliated with the Ballantyne Hotel and lodge. I am originally from St. Albans, West Virginia and I am happily married to a wonderful woman named Tiffanie from Huntington, Wva. We have 2 children, Brittanie (10 yrs.) and Nicklaus (8yrs.). I am of Christian faith and I have a passion for what I do and enjoy my work. I have been teaching golf for 18 years and have written many articles for golfinstruction.com, travelgolf.com, publinks magazine and Metrolina Magazine. I am currently writing for Golf Illustrated and have an article coming out in the January/February issue. I also write a column for GI for every issue starting in 2010. I am also a fly fisherman and an avid runner who has run a couple of marathons and half marathons, so I am big on fitness as well. I definitlely have addictive or compulsive tendancies because everything I take on I go all out and try to be the best, for example, I ran 300 days in a row without missing a day until a shin splint caused me to recently take a break. More on that whole story and running in general later……This is just a brief look into my world, I hope you enjoy my videos and posts and I will be back later for more.


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