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My Imaginary Interview On The Tim Ferris Show – Tribe Of Mentors

I’m a big fan of high achieving people who enjoy sharing information and challenge the learning curve and push themselves in all areas of their life which is why I think I was drawn to Mr. Timothy Ferris’ work and podcast. Through his podcast and connecting with so many successful people, I bought his latest […]

Read More Heads In A Different Direction…..whos coming with me?

First off, thanks for following my blog. You probably have noticed that I haven’t posted in a while but and I am still approaching 70,000 views which means that new people are still discovering my site or that you loyal readers are just taking your time to get through it all. I have worked very hard […]

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My Day at Augusta with Nicklaus Palmer and Masters Predictions

I’ve been attending the Masters since 1998 but until you can share it with someone who has never been, well it is just a place that every golfer needs to go. In 2001, it was my father in law Butch that went with me for the first time. He never takes this trip for granted. Butch […]

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This Is Why I Blog!

I just received the nicest email from a guy that found my blog on the internet. Sometimes we wonder if anyone is getting the information and if it really helps. I am not trying to toot my own horn here but only trying to encourage those of you who are sharing information out there in […]

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I posted a question on twitter last night. “What are a couple of golf books that influenced your life or career,” The response was overwhelming! I appreciate everyone sharing their personal favorites with me and my followers so as promised I will share them with you all. Reading has always been a big part of my life […]

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A Farewell To The #1 Golf School In the Country

This was the start of a very strange week for me. For those who don’t know, I have been presented with the opportunity of a lifetime and will become the Director of Instruction at Carmel C.C. in Charlotte, N.C. starting in October. I am sad to be leaving such a great place like the Dana Rader Golf […]

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Pressing Reset: Play Ask the Guru and Lets Get Ready For Second Half of Your Golf Season

As the summer golfing season comes to a close, we approach my favorite time to play…..the fall. The temps get cooler and the ability to stand out and practice and play gets more bearable. I wanted to take a minute and revisit my ultimate goal for creating this blog. My goal was to help you, […]

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Poulter and McDowell get banned from Augusta: Twittergate 1

In a bold move to cut down on the use of cell phones and Tweeting of video from club premises, Augusta National Chairman Billy Payne announced that Masters contestants Ian Poulter and Graeme McDowell have lost their spots in this year’s tournament following unapproved digital transmissions sent from the club earlier this week. “To be […]

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Guru TV – P.G.A. Area vi presentation: Teaching and Social Media

This past Tuesday I had the opportunity to speak at the Area vi spring meeting of the Carolinas P.G.A. A big thank you to Woody Allen our area director for asking me to present to the group. I was very excited to share with my fellow professionals some of the things that I have learned […]

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What Can I Do For You?

Welcome to your full service golf information blog. If this is your first day viewing my blog, welcome to Guru Nation. For those of you who follow me, thank you and let’s get busy on making this upcoming golf season the best ever. I have my goals in place and am very motivated to help […]

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