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How Has Your Teaching Changed? Or Has It?

During my snowbound days of being trapped in my house, I typically turn to twitter and the telephone to get the teaching juices flowing. So I posted the question tonight on twitter, “What is one thing are you teaching now that you didn’t five years ago due to new accurate information?” I got some very […]

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50,000 Page Views: Guru Thanks You For Your Support

Just wanted to tell all of you who have read my blog or watched an episode of GURU TV, Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I hope that I have helped your game or pointed you in the right direction in some way form or fashion. I created this blog for YOU, the passionate […]

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GURU TV – “Ask the Guru”: episode 1

On todays show, I field two great questions from my blog. The first one from Nick Chertock about how to get students in posture. Special thanks to my student, Mike Meyer for assisting me although he didn’t do a very good job of portraying poor posture (he is just that good) Recap the three ways […]

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