How I Use Video For My Members (CGA TV)

This article is not designed to teach you how to use video in a golf lesson but to describe to 41441you (teaching pros/golf pros) how I use video as a communication tool for my members and students. As I come to the end of my 3rd year at the best club in America (Carmel CC), I look back on some best practices that I started that I felt was successful in allowing me to change the culture and the instruction perception to match my vision and goals for my team and for the club. The number one idea that we use to this day is filming video tips that I share with the members every week or two. There is not a day that goes by when I don’t pass a member with a kind word about the latest video tip and how it helped their game or that they need to come down and see myself or one of my team for a lesson. I realized early on that just because you have a large membership it doesn’t mean that they will come to you for lessons. They need to get to know the instructional staff, what they teach and who they stand for and there is no better way than shooting a quality video to let them get an idea of your personality, your presence and most importantly…..what you look like 🙂 I have also toyed with using video newsletters to communicate the programs that you have coming up or a simple reminder of anything that you want them to know about the instruction team such as introducing a new team member or an interview with a guest instructor or expert in the business.


To make quality videos you don’t have to necessarily have the most expensive camera or equipment. I use a simple Kodak Playful camera with HD quality video. The most important piece is the “wireless mic” for sure. The sound quality or lack their of can ruin a video quicker than a bad picture. I use the Asden wireless mic and it works fine for what we do. I also use Microsoft windows movie maker software to do some basic editing but you can purchase more expensive programs such as Sony Vegas which I used to use back in the day.


1) keep your message clear and concise (try to limit your non-words)

2) keep your videos 6 minutes or less (3 minutes is better but if it is longer it better be good)

3)start videos with a close up of your face and then zoom out as you describe your message. Let the audience see your face

4)Make sure your facing the sun so the picture is not shadowed and then can see you clearly. I did some great videos that were dark awhile ago and learned this the hard way

5) Always try to include a drill or exercise that the viewer can go to the range or putting green and try immediately (call to action is important)

The world is moving fast and the day of reading emails or written newsletters are coming to an end. Video is the what the people want and is the most effective way to communicate and get your members or students attention. I hope this helps as a best practice if you are looking for a better way to boost your teaching or golf shop business.


Thanks for reading and watching. What are some of your ideas that have worked for you? Dont be afraid to  share

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