Using AimPoint For Course Strategy and Increasing Probability with John Graham

Once in awhile I like to post videos that I think will make an immediate impact on your game and this is one of them. Being an Aimpoint instructor myself, I heard John Graham talk about this when we did our Putting seminar together for the Carolinas section in the spring and I have been sharing this information with my clinics and students ever since. John is always thinking out of the box and taking the information to the next level. Thanks for doing this video as I hope it opens some eyes for some golfers to do 2 things 1) take an AimPoint clinic and 2) understand that it is not as hard core as people make it out be. Understanding the pieces that go into green reading is simply fine tuning your read and increasing your chances of making putts. It is still a SIGHT AND FEEL Exercise. The science is already built in to help you get closer to the answer.

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