The Guru On “Titleist Fitters Forum” – My Golf Channel Experience

A few months ago, I was approached by my Titleist rep and was asked to do a few shows on the Golf Channel called “The Titleist Fitters Forum.” I kindly accepted and wanted to share my first episode and a few thoughts on the experience. I did 4 shows total which included the first ever putter fitting segment which I am proud of. For those of you who follow me know that I have been really focusing on becoming a more knowledgeable and proficient putting coach so I look forward to seeing how it came out. The Titleist and Golf Channel people couldn’t have been nicer and more professional. With all the high tech equipment, cameras, lighting and staging of the sets, I took a lot of mental notes that I will put into action as I do my little Carmel Golf Academy TV show for the members at Carmel. I hope you enjoy this short segment and I will post the upcoming shows as they are presented to me. Thanks for all the kind tweets, emails and facebook messages from everyone who saw it on the Golf Channel

Titleist Fitters Forum


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