2013 Mastermind Crew Roundtable Discussion

The PGA show is many things to different people. For me it’s about opportunities to learn, catch up with old friends and meeting new ones. You have all heard of my mastermind crew (Rob McGill, Dennis Sales, Jason Helman, Kirk Oguri) which is comprised of some of the best coaches and club fitters in the golf business and we all met a few years ago on twitter. This is the second year that we have got together to discuss different topics in the golf world. We havent managed to get everyone together yet as we were missing John Graham, Sara Dickson, Mike Fay and Andrew Marr but we still had a great time with the roundtable. A big thanks to Ricky Lee Potts for moderating it and coming up with the questions and to my Junior Golf leader Adam Ohsberg for doing the filming and editing for the project. I am so fortunate to be involved with this group of great professionals and I hope that you enjoy the videos. I have also linked there twitter accounts to the names above so you can follow them as they are all very active on twitter and are very interested in helping golfers and other coaches improve.

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