Guru’s Teaching Workshop with Special Guest John Graham

390723_2419228598183_1175444144_32457108_1456842240_nIn the eve of my departure to the National Teaching and Coaching Summit and the PGA AimPoint Certified black.2.0Merchandise Show, I wanted to announce that I would be hosting my second annual teaching seminar at Carmel Country Club on Monday, March 18th. I am also very excited to have John Graham as my guest speaker. John is from Rochester, NY and  is the Director of Instruction at Webster Golf Club. He is also a Senior Aimpoint Green 418262_3045357531015_1175444144_32700438_1144119419_nReading Instructor and an expert in the world of social media. For those of you who don’t know Mr. Graham need to take this opportunity to meet one of the greatest minds in golf instruction today and a very good friend of mine. At this seminar I will discuss my teaching philosophy for the full swing and John and I will share lots of  putting information. John and I have been doing some research using the SAM Putt Lab and have compiled plenty of data in the last year that we will share and discuss with the group. We will also be doing live lessons using the SAM Putt Lab and John will give you and overview of AimPoint technologies with some additional drills that you can share with your students. The cost is $100.00 and will run from 9:00  to 5:00. You will earn 5 msr points for your participation. I have an exciting day of learning and sharing quality golf information for you so I hope you can join John and I for this great event. Here is and overview of my program and how to sign up. I hope to see everyone in Orlando.

  • The 5 Mastermind Skills that every teacher should know – The CGA Framework304280_2312143841131_1175444144_32381511_1042688301_n
  • The art of moving and manipulation the student to create pattern changes
  • How to use technology to speed up the learning process
  • Teaching Putting at the Next Level – Learn the 5 Most Important Aspects of Putting  and how to teach them
  • S.A.M. Putt Lab Data and research will be revealed that will dispel the most common myth in putting
  • Live Putting Lessons using the S.A.M. Putt Lab that will teach you how to move the numbers and help your students improve faster
  • How to use the 4 corners of social media to drive business, create brand awareness andD-plane_2_11 improve your teaching skills
  • An Introduction to AimPoint Green Reading with drills to share with your students

Date:  Monday, March 18th

Place: Carmel Country Club, 4735 Carmel Road, Charlotte, North Carolina

Cost: 100.00/person

Email Jason Sutton to reserve your spot

 If you have any questions feel free to say hello at the PGA Show. I would love to meet you all.



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