PRACTICE? What Do You Mean I Have To Practice?

Big Thanks to @LiamPGA for the topic tonight. Be sure to follow Liam’s tweets on twitter. I was listening to XM radio the other day and the topic was, “What are the top reasons why golfers don’t practice?” I would love to hear your top 5 if you would leave them in the comment section. Some of the answers were 1. I only have time to play not practice 2. My wife complains if I am at the golf course for that long etc. You get the idea. I think it is primarily because 1. It takes commitment to change 2. Players don’t have a plan for improvement so they are just cementing bad habits and 3. Most people are impatient and quit trying if it they don’t see results right away.

This just in……..ready! GOLF IS HARD PEOPLE! ok, don’t stop reading. In my opinion, this is what makes golf so great…..the challenge. The fact that we will never be satisfied with the level we are playing to makes it the greatest game in the world.  So here is a few nuggets on how to build a practice plan

1. know what you are trying to accomplish get with your coach and discuss the keys until they are clear. If your coach can’t explain it so you can understand the what, why and how…….find another coach!

2. Use your mirror if it’s too cold or the weather is bad. Rehearsal swings with your eyes on it is the next best thing to a video. I caution you to not hit too many balls into a net without ball flight validation. Could be more harmful than good.

3. spend 60% of your time inside 60 yards and include putting. Search my archives and find the putting post I did on Putting Boot Camp for drills to include in your time..

4. Spend half of 50% of your time in mechanical mode which includes your workstation (see video) and working on changing your pattern. The other half should be practicing like your play which should include (a pre-shot routine, lining up to different targets, changing clubs and learning to hit different shots ( the 9 ball drill )…..Playing par 2 on the practice green with one ball to see what you can shoot. This is an area most golfers don’t spend enough time in so you can successfully transfer the skill to the golf course……Any Ranger Rick’s out there?

Bottom line is that you can get some work done even if the weather is bad. Let me know if this helps motivate you to take a lesson and then go practice. There are No shortcuts to improving at golf. Talk to you tomorrow night.

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See you on the lesson tee at Carmel,


6 Comments on “PRACTICE? What Do You Mean I Have To Practice?”

  1. Thanks for the article Jason. I’m of the opinion that golf instructors as a whole do not do a great job of giving their students a detailed plan or roadmap for improvement. You clearly do not have that issue. The article was full of great details. Thanks again, Liam Cahill


    • Thanks Liam,
      You are exactly right. It’s one thing to give a great golf lesson but the follow up plan is equally important. We have to guide our students through the practice process as well


  2. Jason am I hinting a new flare to your writing. Nice job incorporating humor and the pics tie in well too. Oh yes, the information, that was spot on. Nice job my friend, keep them coming. Thanks for sharing!

    Rob McGill, PGA


  3. So true, I have figured out that I will not break 80 until I get better from 60 yards in. Made a commitment to spend 75% of practice time on short game, until I break 80. Thanks for the boost.


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