GURU TV Archive: The Value Of Proper Rehearsal Swings

This is one of my favorite shows that I did before I left DRGS because I think it can really help you if done correctly. For those of you who have worked with me know how much I like to manipulate the students into what I want them to feel as I explain to them what I am doing. It is the best way to connect the feel with the real and hit multiple senses that will create long-lasting pattern changes. The first key is knowing what you don’t want to do (the major error) and secondly, being able to make meaningful rehearsal swings that go opposite of the error. All the great players do this. Lately, Tiger Woods has been see making an exaggerated outside to in downswing rehearsal that people are wondering what he is doing. He has finally figured out that his pattern is creating a swing path that is too much inside out or to the right. He is creating an opposite feel of the error and it has obviously helped his ball striking which should worry the rest of the PGA tour because I think he’s got it. So my tip of the night is………..Dont be afraid of exaggerating the opposite move that you are trying to get rid of, check it on video for validation and imprint the feel and hang on to for dear life because as they say in this crazy game of golf, we never really own it! We just borrow it for a while, just kidding but it feels that way sometimes.

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