GURU TV – “Ask the Guru”: episode 1

On todays show, I field two great questions from my blog. The first one from Nick Chertock about how to get students in posture. Special thanks to my student, Mike Meyer for assisting me although he didn’t do a very good job of portraying poor posture (he is just that good) Recap the three ways to put a student into posture:

  • place forearm on back and bring the upper body up towards your hand and hips out
  • place club across waist and push the hips back
  • touch your fingertips to the tops of your kneecaps

and the second question from Bill Shafer from England about club face control.


  • grip could be too weak. you shouldn’t have to over rotate forearms and wrists to square face. strengthen grip until you can get the ball to turn left
  • check club face half way back, should tilt forward and match spine angle at address
  • check top of swing and make sure club face matches left forearm
  • If these check out then we will address how to release forearms (see older guru tv video on how to release the club properly)

This is what it is all about, getting you the information that you need to improve your golf games and that is what I love to do. Leave a question in the comment section and let’s keep it rolling. You can ask me about anything and I will give you the answer via video or text.

See you on the lesson tee,


2 Comments on “GURU TV – “Ask the Guru”: episode 1”

  1. Hey Guru,
    Great lesson the other night – especially Putting – I am making everything I look at!. Which brings me to my question – “What PGA pro’s can I watch this weekend that best emulate the putting method that you showed to me on Wednesday night”?
    Thanks again
    Todd Phillips


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