Winter Practice – Mirror Work

As we all get cabin fever this winter, I am constantly getting questions of how you can work on your golf game indoors. There are several ways to be effective inside but few are as valuable as “mirror work”. Of course you can putt in the house (hopefully with the Kure) and chip balls into the sofa, just don’t skull it please……..but standing in front of a mirror and going through the positions that you are trying to change can be helpful. Slow motion swings require patience but can change you faster than banging balls at full tilt when it is difficult to actually feel everything that is going on. So before you start your mirror work here are a few rules:

1) Understand what you are working on and where the club and your body should be. Hopefully your instructor has made it clear to where the club should be or body positions etc. ( If not you could be doing more harm than good)

2) try a weighted club, a swing fan or an Orange whip trainer to your session for a bit of a fitness workout.

I will be shooting a few videos on this subject when I get the time but until then, enjoy a video archive on changing the club face in the mirror.


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  1. I like your article and those are great tips. Here’s something else golfers can do indoors to work on their game – practice relaxing. Sounds funny, but relaxing the muscles you don’t directly need can improve your swing. Less stress and tension equals a smoother swing and then you can get even more out of Jason’s tips and instruction.


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