Mattie Tobey signs with Texas Tech: The coming of age for a Junior Golf Champion

Mattie Tobey

I work with golfers of all levels including some Mini-Tour Players but one of my greatest joys in the world is coaching junior golfers that progress to a level to play in college. I have had several junior boys to go on to play college golf but my first girl junior just committed to play for the Texas Tech Red Raiders. Bill and Deb Tobey brought Mattie to see me when she was 12 years old and after working with her the first time, I knew that she was something special. Even at a young age, Mattie could hit the ball over 200 yards. Now she drives it distances over 280 yards at times which is something that sets her apart from most young women. You look at her golf swing today and you think,”She makes it look so easy, but it wasn’t always that way.” Mattie has worked extremely hard on her golf game and has earned everything that she has accomplished. Her parents, Bill and Debbie have done a great job of instilling a sound work ethic and a great balance of the importance of academics as she is an “A” student as well. It takes such a commitment from the entire family (Ben, her brother…whom I coach plays at Pfeiffer University and is a fine player himself), with all the travel to tournaments, the lessons and the entry fees paid. The family support is a huge key for a junior to reach their full potential and Mattie has a great team around her. Mattie was starting to climb the state rankings in the last couple of years but really broke out this summer when she won the AJGA Palmetto Classic, finished runner-up in the N.C. Junior Girls match play and then qualified for the very prestigious Big I Youth classic Nationals. There were a few colleges interested before that stretch but then the phone and emails started buzzing. Coaching these elite juniors has been a big learning experience for me as I have been fortunate enough to be involved by the parents in the recruiting process. One coach came out the school and watched Mattie and I work together and several others were calling me on the phone to get my take on this outstanding young golfer. At the very end, Texas Techs (we are all family mentality) and the fact that the coach was willing to work with me through the magic of v1 video including their outstanding practice facility…..made her decision very easy and myself and her parents felt comfortable sending her off to Texas Tech to play big time Big 12 golf. As you can tell, I am so proud of what Mattie has accomplished (like she was one of my own) and expect her to get better and better as she embarks on her college career. I will keep you posted on her progress and with any luck we will see her on TV in a few years (LPGA Tour) because (You can’t teach 280), but at worst Mattie will be a doctor (or whatever she chooses to do in her career) that plays pretty good golf which is alright too!

Mattie Tobey Killing It

I want to thank Bill and Deb for allowing me to be Mattie’s coach and to think I might have had some positive influence on her life is simply what makes my job so great and why I enjoy getting out of bed in the morning. Best of luck Mattie Tobey and always remember, “I will always be here for you and I am always a phone call or text away, Go Lady Red Raiders!”

See you on the lesson tee,


7 Comments on “Mattie Tobey signs with Texas Tech: The coming of age for a Junior Golf Champion”

  1. Yep, nothing better than that. I make all my juniors buy me a shirt when they receive scholarship dollars. Always fun to support their schools and people ask about them all the time.

    Congrats again.



  2. Guru, great profile. I would love to see a video of her swing. You must take a lot of pride in helping someone so talented. But this begs the question…why haven’t you taught me how to hit the ball 280 yards? I want my money back!! 🙂

    Congrats and good luck to Mattie!


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