Guruism’s and The lighter side of Jason

I had a few minutes in between lessons today, which is unusual, so I thought I would write about whatever was on my mind. As I spend another year on the lesson tee, loaded down with sunscreen,, zinc on my nose and a huge hat on my head, fatigue often sets in. I know, I know what you are thinking. Guru, you are in phenomenal shape and you only teach 3000 lesson per year, how can you ever get tired? But after doing this job, which I love with a passion, for 18 years……..Sometimes I get irritable or as we call it at the 5 o’clock hour on a long hot day at the golf school……PUNCHY. For those of you out there that have worked with me and know me, I don’t pull any punches…..I try to call it as I see it! Honesty is what I call it. Sometimes it may be brutal but I feel I owe my students the truth. If your club face is wide open and you are swing over the top and scooping it, It is not going to do any good if I give you fluffy advice or tell you that your swing looks great and that I wouldn’t change anything. I am going to kindly explain that we have some work to do. Just after the initial interview and watching some students warm up, One of the most common questions that I get as we approach the video room is, “GURU, IS THERE ANY HOPE”. My response is always the same, “YES SIR, I SELL HOPE” (At 125.00 hour mind you). So I thought I would give you some of the sayings that I use on the lesson tee to help lighten the mood or relax the student or just plain get my point across. Feel Free to use or repeat when appropriate as I may have stolen it from you or someone you know.You

1.  There are plenty of seats on the plane – if you are working on swing plane.

2. Where is the only place to get off of the plane? The Airport

3.  You couldn’t draw a ball with a pencil – for all you slicers out there (And a pull is not a draw)

4.   Hands and Arms University, enrollment is free.

5.  Student says after making a plane change,”I feel like I am making a loop,”…response: you were already making a loop, just the wrong direction.

6.  It feels unnatural (student making a change), response: I am not in the comfort business….but I promise it will make you better.

7.  You have to feel as if you change it 2 miles to change it 2 inches

8.  Feel is not always real. Do you know what is between the two? A looooooong bridge. My job is to make it shorter

9.  My favorite training aid:”The orange whip” is “The Answer To Cancer”

10.  We must not mistake MOVEMENT for ACHIEVEMENT…..Practice with a purpose

That is enough for now. Throughout the day, myself and the other instructors use a lot of movie quotes………that is for another post. I am late for my next lesson. Talk to you later.

See you on the lesson tee and don’t forget to breathe in a 4 count rhythm,


2 Comments on “Guruism’s and The lighter side of Jason”

    • I forgot about that one. I started writing this and forgot half of what I say. I need to take a note pad on the tee and I will come out with some new ones
      thanks for the comment, Rick


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