Alan White: Guest Blogger and Member Of Guru Nation

I thought I would do something different for this follow-up post on MISCONCEPTIONITIS. We have a guest poster today. Alan is one of my students that has been working hard on his game and has improved a lot. I thought I would share his thoughts on an experience that he had that might help you guys out there.  

Guru Nation Heed The Advice.
After a quick chat with the Guru I thought I would share a recent example of the pitfalls of misconceptions. The driver has been my Achilles Heel for quite some time. About 3 months ago we started to focus on my Driver and the GURU quickly found a flaw in my takeaway that had developed over time. While I was able to get away with the flaw on most of my iron play it quickly compounded issues as the clubs got longer……

Great, Thanks GURU now I’m off to the range to practice.

Day one at the range when well-meaning friend shows up. “hey man that backswing looks a lot different remember keep it low, slow and inside on the way back”. So he demonstrates a backswing that could brush a tee placed 5 feet behind the ball. Oh yes you are right my well-meaning friend what WAS I thinking???? I have always heard that, I MUST be doing it wrong.

Fast Forward 3 Months and 9,284 range balls……….GURU my Drive is still killing my game what is going on?…..I don’t know Alan lets take a look….. Slice, pull, slice, pull, push, hook….. Alan, I though we talked about working on the backswing last time you were here…..We did GURU watch me brush this tee 5 foot behind the ball…… Alan that is not what we talked about………………………Ahhhhh you are right GURU. Lets start over. This oversight (i.e. stupidity) on my part cost me 3 months and a lot of wasted effort on my road to improvement.

This was on a Wednesday. On Thursday I worked very hard on the range with my notes from the GURU not listening to anyone or anything. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday I shot 4 of my best rounds ever with the Driver doing it’s fair part.

Moral of the story
Be very careful of friendly advice about the golf swing. Remember most people will never break 80.
If you are fortunate enough to be able to get advice from an expert. USE IT…..

See you on the course!!!!

Thanks Alan for that great take. If anyone else wants to do a guest post, please send it to my email address for review.,

See you on the lesson tee,


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