Aimpoint golf: “What It Takes To Win”

We often talk about the importance of putting but I don’t think we fully understand what it takes to be reach our goals. was developed by Mark Sweeney and is the technology that you see used on the PGA Tour to show the actual break line of a putt. This is a  chart that I found interesting and might make you think about what is really important in achieving your golfing goals. I want to thank my good friend, John Graham which is a certified Aim Point Instructor and a great resource for golf instruction and information for making me aware of this wonderful technology. Check his site out at I will be checking into getting more info about the green reading information developed by AimPoint to help my students and peeps of Guru Nation. I hope you enjoy the post and enjoy the Masters.

See you on the lesson tee,


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  1. I almost signed up for an Aimpoint green reading school last year in my hometown but chickened out. The technology is awesome and so is the system.


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