GURU TV – The Jeff Passage Project: episode 4a….putting

As the ice thaws up north, the Jeff Passage Project gets a big boost as Jeff is able to now put some practice time in. When a player wants to go from 99 to 89……They must do three things. For those of you who follow my blog, you already know this but it is worth mentioning again. 1) You MUST drive it in play….you don’t have to be perfect but you have to eliminate penalty shots during a round….2) No 2 Pitches and chips/you don’t have to hit every pitch or chip close but you absolutely can’t miss the green from 40 yards and in…..3)NO 3 PUTTS! You don’t have to make everything but you can’t three putt. This leads us to our lesson with Jeff. Distance Control is king when it comes to putting. I don’t care if you can’t read a green better than Ray Charles. If your speed is good, I can guarantee you will limit your three putts. Jeff, here are the two-speed drills that I want you to work on.

1. 30 foot drill – studies show that 50% of all your putts during a round of golf is going to be from thirty feet. Place a club a putter length behind the hole. Take ten balls from thirty feet. See how many balls you can make or get to stop in between the front edge of the hole and the club. I need you to get at least 50 percent in the zone.

2. The 19′ drill – Absolutely my favorite drill for speed. Find two holes approximately 20 ft. apart. Place a tee behind each hole about the length of your putter up to the grip. Take 3 balls. The goal is to roll the ball in between the front edge of the hole and the tee (zone). To complete the drill, you must get 10 in a row in the zone. If you miss, start over. Have fun with this and stay with it. Even if you don’t get 10, you will improve your speed. (My record is 15 minutes, just so you know). Good luck improving your putting. Driving will be our next focus. Attitude and the Mental Side is not far behind.  Stay on the basics and I can promise we will break 90.

See you on the lesson tee,

Guru……to schedule a lesson call 704-542-7635

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  1. Guru, thanks for the tips. This video did not use the putting arc. My legs were about as straight as possible with my hips pushed out as much as I could muster. I do agree (as the video shows) that my eyes were outside the ball. And I do agree that could stand a little taller. I will check that next time. My grip was all palms with the hands opposing each other on the handles, and the right hand was just slightly lower than the left. I was trying to keep my arms connected to the body as your putting video had suggested – mainly so that my arms didn’t fly around on the stroke. Hopefully, that helps explain some things for you and your fans.


  2. I have to say that I am most honored to be paired in these videos with golfing greats Stuart Appleby and El Tigre. Make me feel really special.


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