A Practice Plan :Serious Golfers Only Please


How many times have you been faced with a shot on the golf course and you don’t have a clue how to hit it. “Pressure is only a result of non preparation”. Thats deep, huh? It is true and it is up to you to prepare yourself for every situation that you will face on the golf course. I don’t care if you’re a tour player trying to prepare for the second shot on #13 where you have to hit a cut off of a hook lie into the green with a 2 iron or preparing for the club championship at your home club, you must be prepared. This doesn’t mean just understanding how to play the shot but physically putting in the work so that you absolutely trust it when faced with it under pressure. I was fortunate enough to attend the Golf Magazine Top 100 teaching summit last week and acquired some great information that I will be blogging about in the upcoming weeks. Jason Carbone, an outstanding coach and the new director of instruction at Baltusrol, shared with us an excellent practice plan that he gives his tournament players to get them prepared for competition. I will lay it out for you. Here is your weekly tournament checklist. You can tweak it as time permits or chunk it into sections to fit your schedule

  • Draw Tee shots (9 for 15 in the fairway)
  • Fade Tee shots (9 for 15 in the fairway)
  • 9 shot drill with a 5 iron
  • 9 shot drill with a 8 iron

******9 shot drill is :low draw, medium draw, high draw. low straight, medium straight, high straight, low fade, medium fade, hight fade. Hit all the shots to complete.

  • wedge shots to 40 yds. 60 yds. 80 yds. 100 yds. : hit each target 3 times (use towels, impact bags or flags for targets)
  • 30 ft. bunker shot off of all 5 lies (flat, uphill, downhill, ball above ft, ball below ft.)
  • flop shots (full swings @every 5 yards)
  • 9 hole bump and runs (5 out of 9 up and ins)
  • 9 holes lob wedge (5 out of 9 up and ins)
  • 9 holes lag putts 30 ft (pa 2 and break par)
  • 3 to 10 ft ladder drill (putt one ball to each tee or rung on the ladder)
  • play 9 or 18 holes from the forward tees
  • 9 or 18 holes (worst ball scramble):play 2 balls and play the worst shot until you hole out
  • 9 holes approach shots (aim for rough and see what you can shoot)
  • 9 holes approach shots (aim for bunkers and see what you can shoot)
  • work on pre shot routine with workstation on the ground for aim and ball position

I have already started using this with my tournament players and they love it. Have some structure with you practice, make your practice more like on course situations and you won’t be Ranger Rick any longer. Best of Luck



5 thoughts on “A Practice Plan :Serious Golfers Only Please

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  1. When you do this are you supposed to do them all in one session? Are you supposed to do it on course or at a practice facility?


    1. It is designed for a tour player that has all day. The normal golfer needs to chunk it in sections. They drills are pretty self explanatory. The bottom ones are to be done on course, like worst ball scramble etc.


  2. I’m a high school golf coach always looking for new ideas I can use in practice. I really like many of your suggestions here. I was wondering, what is the 9 shot drill with a 5 iron and 8 iron?


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