What’s In The Bag of The Guru?

Callaway Golf Staff Member

I am often asked,”Guru, what kind of clubs are you playing this year?” I thought that I would give everyone a look inside my golf bag. I have been a Callaway Staff Member for many years and my outstanding sales rep, Tim Garrett, keeps me in the latest technology. So here is a sneak peak of my equipment:

Driver: FT 9 10 degree with a V2 shaft

3wood: Diablo neutral 15 degree

Hybrids: 2(18 deg. & 21 deg. )…….If you don’t have at least one hybrid in your bag, you are giving the field 2 shots

Irons: 4 – PW :Callaway X forged with flighted 6.0 rifle shafts (best irons Callaway has put out )

Wedges: 54 deg bent to a 52  and 58 deg. X (unfinished)

Putter: Coutour mallet style custom putter (Fit by Todd Sones) 65 gram weight 331/4 length

Ball: Callaway Tour ix with guru on the side

Whatever equipment you decide to play, make sure you get fitted by an expert fitter. At the Dana Rader Golf School, we have the best in Mr. Stan Roach. Without Stan I would not be able to help my students as much as I do. You wouldn’t run a marathon in shoes that were too small, right. 

See you on the lesson tee,


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