The Perfect Golfer and Stocking Stuffers

I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and  Happy New Year even though I plan on blogging before the end of the year. I am often asked from students or golfers, “What is your favorite golf swing on tour?” Although I do have my favorites, I tend to look at parts of golf swings and individuals that I  tend to favor. When I give a lesson, I use a variety of swing models to show whatever part of the swing that I am trying to work on with my student…such as the takeaway or an arm position or spine angle.  So I came up with my perfect golf swing comprised by the different parts of the swing that I admire from the top players. Here is my version of the golf swing Christmas List:

1.  I want Adam Scott’s physique and perfect golfing frame

2. Y.E. Yang’s new grip and fundamentals (the one he beat TW with not the 4 knuckle 08 version.)

3.  Steve Strickers’ one piece takeaway

4. Bubba Watson’s large arc at the top of his backswing

5.  Trevor Immelmans’ top of swing position (compact/square club face)

6. Lucas Glovers double downcock lagging motion and his great hands around the green.

7. Zach Johnson’s impact position and body rotation

8. Ernie Els balanced finish and overall tempo

9.  Give me Padraig Harrington’s work ethic

10. Give me Tom Watson’s longevity and

12. Brian Gay’s putting stroke

11. I will take Rocco Mediate’s attitude and we have the perfect golfer.

All together we have a player with incredible length off the tee, a sound iron game, great touch around the greens and the best putter on tour and we can also do some modeling on the side, just kidding. The point is that there is no perfect golf swing out there but there are a lot of different looking swings that work. So here are your keys to improvement for 2010.  We will call it the Guru Plan for improvement:

1. Take a lesson from a reputable teaching professional that is proficient with video. This will give you a clear idea of what you have to work on and put them in order of importance.  Know your errors!1

2.  PAY ATTENTION: WRITE IT DOWN. This is why I do video emails or I take notes for my students after each lesson if they need it. Serious students keep a journal, will you.

3. GET TO WORK ON YOUR BODY AND YOUR SWING; If you can’t make the swing changes because of physical limitations or you are out of shape, work on it.  Changing your golf swing is hard work and takes time. If it was easy, everyone would be scratch. I have worked very hard on my golf swing over the years to get it where it is today and I have no sympathy for those that think it should come easy. You can’t fool golf.

4. Learn to rehearse your perfect swing in a mirror…..IN SLOW MOTION (KEY)..Especially if you are dealing with cold weather, don’t let that keep you from improving your swing. Get in front of a mirror with a weighted club or a regular club and work on your swing errors slowly so you can feel it.  You have to feel it first, then see it.

5.  Have a drill.  When you are able to get outside and work on your game, do some drills that will help you to feel the opposite of the error.
What you find in the golf swing is that you have to” feel like you change the swing a mile in order to change it an inch”, this is why we use video. Either you are making the change or you are not.

6. Work on your short game (including putting) at least 60 percent of the time. Most of you are trying to find the perfect swing and neglect this part.

7. Then use John Woodens 8 keys to consistency: practice, practice, practice, practice, practice, practice, practice, practice.

Stocking stuffers: a range finder, a club fitting and a new set (time to get rid of those Ping Eye 2’s and that bubble shafted driver), a momentus weighted club, a T.P.I. assessment, A dozen Callaway tour (i)s balls, a flip cam,Oh! and a lesson series from the GURU.




5 thoughts on “The Perfect Golfer and Stocking Stuffers

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  1. Guru,

    Very creative blog post! I like the idea of different pros to emulate to make the perfect swing. One day I hope to see included someone who doesn’t appear on your list…a Mr. Tiger Woods! It’s Christmas season; hasn’t he been punished enough? Can’t we find a place for him in this list somewhere? Of all the endorsements he’s lost, none could be worse than to not make Guru’s top parts of different pro golfer’s to admire!

    In the spirit of the season, let me suggest one:

    13. Tiger Wood’s ability to hole the seemingly impossible shot or make the seemingly unmakeable putt at the most seemingly dramatic point of a golf tournament to walk away with a win.

    As for your improvement plan, this is top notch advice. My MorePars blog will elaborate in detail on several of your sound suggestions which I have personally found helpful. And for those of you reading this blog, I can tell you first hand, Guru fits the bill for #1 in the improvement plan perfectly: Take a lesson from a reputable teaching professional that is proficient with video. That is why I am pushing my wife hard for this stocking stuffer: a lesson series from Guru at the Dana Rader Golf School.

    Merry Christmas to you too Guru!


    1. I was wondering how long it would take for someone to notice that I didn’t put my favorite golfer on my list. Has he been punished enough, no. I am still upset at him over his actions but it will pass. You are right, I would put #14 as his mental toughness and ability to hole the big putt and also his ability to focus on the shot at hand in the midst of all the distractions that he has to deal with being the best. Thanks for the compliment on my teaching and I will see you soon.


    1. thanks for the comment. Phil was definitely a consideration of short game prowess. I love his creativity and savvy but his stats have never been that good at scrambling which is surprising, he just hits the dramatic shot from time to time. I witnessed L Glover hitting pitch shots at the Masters last year and it truly amazed me what he could do with a sand wedge. He is not done winning majors I think. Thanks and I appreciate you checking out my blog


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